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10 Course Templates


February 20, 2023



10 Course Templates

It can be a hassle to create learning materials from scratch. That’s why SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s designed dynamic elearning course templates for all kinds of training content. In this list, we’ll cover everything from image galleries to interactive game templates on SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s intuitive creator tool.

1. Image Gallery

The image gallery course template is the perfect mix of text and image. Add multiple photos that your team can swipe through, which is great for sequencing information. The text you add automatically formats below the image to make sure it comes out easy to read. Audio content is also supported for narration or explanation.

Course Template - Image Gallery

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s creator tool gives trainers, educators, and even instructional designers full control over customization. You can change the fonts, themes, and colors so that all aspects of the course fit your company’s branding. It’s also intuitive. You just need to drag and drop your images on the tool, it’ll do the rest for you. No design or coding skills required, simply add your materials and you’re good to go!

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2. Expandable List

If your learning materials include chunks of text, you can easily break them down with this course template. The expandable list separates the content into highlighted sections. Think of it as a more dynamic bullet point section.

Course Template - Expandable List

The learners see the main points and then click or press to reveal more information. By sectioning off text first, information overload is prevented and learners can digest the topics with ease. You can add whatever text you like and the tool will automatically format it to fit the box. What’s even better is that SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s template is configured to respond perfectly on all devices from mobile to desktop. So you don’t have to fuss over how it looks.

3. Comparison

The comparison course template is an amazing tool to visually demonstrate the differences between two concepts. If you’re looking to compare products or simply compare two ideas, this is the template you should use. Just add two images and the template will create a slider you can drag to reveal information about each image.

Course Template - Comparison

SC Training (formerly EdApp) course templates are designed to be interactive to keep your learners engaged. It also makes it easier to remember ideas when they’re presented side by side.

4. Simple Multiple Choice

This is a classic course template for multiple-choice questions. You can add a question and give a selection of possible answers for your learners. Everything from the question, answer, and explanation is customizable. Explanations pop right out after answering. This means whether your learners get the question right or wrong, they’re given instant concept reinforcement.

Course Template - Simple Multiple Choice

This is also perfect for questions that need longer answers. So, no matter how long the text is, it’ll still display nicely. The template also supports image responses instead of text, making it even more flexible.

5. Image Waypoints

The image waypoints course template is a dynamic content template that can highlight parts of an image. This is great for exploring product features or even showcasing areas on a map. Learners can tap or click on hot spots that’ll zoom into an area of the image and then display essential information. The information can be in text format or audio narration.

Course Template - Image Waypoints

As a default setting, learners can only move on to the next slide after checking out all of the details on the image. This is to make sure your team won’t miss anything.

6. Text Sequence

For text content in paragraphs that you want to break down, the text sequence course template is a great one to use. It allows you to display text in sentences one after another. This allows learners to scroll through texts one point at a time so they’re not overwhelmed by a huge paragraph. The text before and after are also still visible.

Course Template - Text Sequence

This can also be used in a storytelling way or as training guide templates. The upcoming text isn’t revealed so you can use that to create a story. It’s also a dynamic and dramatic way to make lists, so your learners can remember items more easily.

7. Chat

The chat course template is a multiple-choice tool that displays text like a conversation. Text is placed in speech bubbles to mimic dialogues. This is great for simulating customer conversations. Here, you can ask your learners to pick between the correct responses or dialogue choices for a particular scenario.

Course Template - Chat

If you’re creating a course on customer service or even in the retail industry, this is a great template to use. Effective communication is always a great skill to teach. And, you can always customize the takeaway to make sure your team is learning effectively.

8. Text Survey

If you’re looking for a great way to end your course, try this course template. Getting direct feedback from your learners not only helps you as a trainer but also helps them recall what they’ve learned from your lesson. You can ask any question like what were their takeaways, what was most difficult in the course, or how you can improve the lessons. The template is flexible and your learners should have no problem writing down as much feedback as they want.

Course Template - Text Survey

9. Missing Word

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has a host of quiz-type templates, but another classic is the missing word course template. It’s a basic fill-in-the-blanks format where your learners need to drag and drop the correct information that completes the thought. You can even add additional distraction words to make it more challenging.

Course Template - Missing Word

This is a great way to focus on specific concepts you want your team to remember. This is also good for summarizing complicated topics, making it easier for them to understand it.

10. Video Collection

Most of the templates here are either text or image-based, but SC Training (formerly EdApp) also offers video support for course templates. Although there are many ways you can embed videos into your SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses, the video collection template can display multiple videos at once. You can put the videos in any order so your learners can choose what to watch before they move on to the next slide.

Course Templates - Video Collection

If you want to add uploaded videos, SC Training (formerly EdApp) supports Vimeo and YouTube videos.

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