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Cutting Costs Without Cutting Quality Of Company Training


September 9, 2019



Cutting Costs Without Cutting Quality Of Employee Training

It is no secret that investing in quality employee training can push the budget. Employing experts, such as instructional designers, is often expensive and can be a plan difficult to successfully execute. We are here to tell you how to cut costs without cutting the quality of your employee training strategy!

We have set out to provide you with 4 of the best ways to boost the quality of your employee training, while cutting costs. A learning dream.

1. Employ the correct learning management system (LMS)

LMS’s come in all different shapes and forms, providing all different benefits or, sometimes, disadvantages. This is why it is so important to select the LMS that is right for your organization and its goals. In the midst of a technological age, adopting a mobile-based LMS is the answer to all of your training prayers. But it goes deeper than that. A good LMS will offer unique features, which will drive your company to success. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s LMS has a built-in authoring tool, which means most of the work has already been done for you. The rapid authoring tool provides users access to a vast library filled with a plethora of ready-made, responsive and aesthetic templates. This saves you time and money as external parties do not need to be involved designing a training program for your employees.

Manage your company training with our LMS

2. Choose online training

It is a no-brainer than online training costs less than seminars and the provision of 40-page documents to every single employee. Online training, or mobile learning, has centralised essential knowledge, storing it in a virtual cloud that enables information to be constantly accessible to all employees. Mobile learning gives employees the ability to progress through their course content wherever and whenever suits them, accommodating their needs and preferences. When they feel that their time and effort is valued and respected, they are more likely to immerse themselves in their training, resulting in a well-informed and knowledgable workforce. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s lessons are compatible with Apple and Android, and remain at their highest quality on mobile devices, laptops, tablets and desktops.

3. Utilise interactive exercises and gamification

Interactivity and gamification allow for employees’ learning barriers to be broken down to a point where more information can be absorbed by learners. Interactive lessons also allows for on-the-job-like training, meaning that important working hours are not jeopardised for tedious training sessions. Thus, potential progress with clients or product/ service sales are not risked being lost. Instead, employees are able to progress through their training modules on their commute to and from work, on the plane, or at the top of a mountain, which feels like playing games. Gamification refers to the implementation of gaming elements into serious course content, such as point scores, star bars, badges and real prizing. This instils a sense of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in employees, encouraging them to complete higher volumes of training, in shorter amounts of times than they would in traditional training methods.

4. Use tools for reporting

Tracking learners’ progress is crucial for the positive guidance of employees to corporate success. In order to do this, structures must be in place to allow for feedback from both employees and employers. Employers are able to then identify gaps in their lessons and areas in need of improvement, as well as decipher which areas employees need extra reinforcement in. Employees are able to feel supported as they feel as though they can express their thoughts and appreciate being heard. Good LMS’s, such as SC Training (formerly EdApp), offer reporting and feedback tools built-in to the app, meaning that money does not need to be invested into other applications.


If you would like to learn more about how to build the most effective employee training strategy!

If you’d like to know more about how SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s mobile learning platform can help your internal training practices, get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.


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