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SC Training (formerly EdApp) and SafetyCulture: The next chapter


September 15, 2020



SC Training (formerly EdApp) and SafetyCulture: The next chapter

A few years ago we set out on a mission to make training more approachable and accessible. 

We wanted to bring a level of engagement to learning and development not seen before by not only centering it around the smartphone but also with an unwavering and unapologetic focus on the learner – bringing relevance and modernity to training so teams want to learn. This focus has quickly proved correct, and it has been thrilling to watch SC Training (formerly EdApp) scaling across a variety of organisations large and small across the globe, especially when doing it with such a talented, passionate group of people.

In early 2020, our project with the United Nations, Educate All, helped us realise the vision of bringing professional development to all, especially to those with no access to corporate education. At the time, we certainly thought this would be the largest change we would see in 2020 in this space.

Then COVID-19 arrived. It became clear that not only would demand for our platform reach new all-time high’s but the need for fundamental re-skilling and training of workplaces across the world would accelerate at unprecedented levels. In fact, this would be the most fundamental change for business’ and teams since World War II and we want to be a part of making that transition successful. So too do our lead investors, SafetyCulture. 

Luke Anear and the team share our passion for increasing access to world-class training, and like us, with their product SafetyCulture, want to become the household name for empowering teams to do the best work of their lives. They have been a huge supporter of SC Training (formerly EdApp), both financially with several investments over the last two years, but also with their guidance, having grown their ecosystem to more than 26,000 customers around the world and a valuation in excess of AU.3bn.

The next chapter

So I am thrilled to announce the news that SC Training (formerly EdApp) has become a part of the SafetyCulture group, which will enrich the next chapter of our growth. Luke and the team are completely aligned with our mission and will provide unparalleled access to the additional resources we require to ensure we play a key role in the re-skilling of tomorrow’s workplaces.

For all of you that have been with us on the journey so far, there is no change to our mission. SC Training (formerly EdApp) will continue to be the driving force for change in training and will continue to amaze you all every day. The teams you work with will remain in place, albeit expanding in line with our growth and I will be continuing in my role leading this team of amazing people. 

We already have some exciting new developments planned which we can’t wait to share with you all.

Thank you all for your support over the last few years, the next chapter looks even more exciting.


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Darren Winterford

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