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SC Training (formerly EdApp) featured in Headversity podcast to talk tech, mobile learning in a COVID world


September 25, 2020



SC Training (formerly EdApp) featured in Headversity podcast to talk tech, mobile learning in a COVID world

Earlier this week, our CEO, Darren Winterford, was featured on headversity‘s podcast: Beyond the Checkbox.

Hosted by Dr Ryan Todd, a psychiatrist, award-winning filmmaker, and founder and CEO of headversity, the show is focused on stories of innovation and progressive leadership to support mental wellness at work.

In this episode, Darren speaks to the recent exponential growth of SC Training (formerly EdApp), how to maintain a positive culture with a global team especially in the world of COVID-19, and tips to prioritize the mental health through it all.

Tech is one of the only labor sectors experiencing growth in these COVID times. This week on Beyond the Checkbox, we talked to Darren Winterford, CEO of the rocket ship that is SC Training (formerly EdApp) about how he’s managed this and still maintained a winning company culture.

Growth in the age of COVID-19

In the podcast, Darren reveals that within a matter of months, our microlearning platform has grown by 300%. He also discusses the balance to create and maintain culture through exponential growth, and what that looks like for our tech startup. Based on SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s principles of growth, Darren sheds light on establishing and maintaining culture, and the importance of bringing in people that will add to this. He speaks of specific personality traits, diversity, and why former and existing athletes have found themselves at SC Training (formerly EdApp) – from engineers to account managers and finance.

Given the devastating and significant effects that COVID-19 has brought on, our mobile-first microlearning platform has been adopted at unprecedented rates to help connect and train teams, which actually results in superior learning. As a market leader in the microlearning space, teams – large and small, have recently introduced SC Training (formerly EdApp) at higher rates, enabling organizations to adapt to a more remote learning culture.
SC Training (formerly EdApp) includes some invaluable built-in features like Virtual Classrooms, which embeds platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to connect teams in real-time, and Discussions and Assignments, which facilitate a stronger social learning experience through interactive discussion forums and coaching. Both of these features give businesses the closest experience to face-to-face training and help them thrive despite the obvious challenges that COVID-19 has brought on.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) - Mobile-first microlearning platform

Positive work culture and prioritizing mental health

Ryan and Darren also talk about the value of the sense of belonging within a team, and what SC Training (formerly EdApp) does to foster this, including from virtual Zoom “stand-ups” and mental health check-ins. This means that our teams maintain connectivity despite being a dispersed, global team.

Darren also shares his insight on work-life balance, how to foster the best environments for employees, product innovation, and what this looks like for startup culture. Darren speaks to the importance of curiosity and enthusiasm compared to skill and experience.

Through the challenges of 2020, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has also been privileged enough to partner with some organizations to drive change and support through learning, contributing positivity and support through learning. One of these includes Design x Humanity, in which a group of designers come together to design real-world projects advocating for equity, diversity, and anti-racism. In this case, Design x Humanity leverages our platform to help contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US. Similarly, a group in the UK has introduced our mobile-first platform to help upskill and retrain individuals that may have experienced job loss during the pandemic.

With headversity, we used SC Training (formerly EdApp) because it was such an easy platform to get our message out there, so we’ve benefited from working with your group.
-Dr Ryan Todd, CEO, headversity
Podcast host

Learn more here and catch the full episode on Apple or Spotify.

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