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SC Training (formerly EdApp) is stepping it up this September! 


September 10, 2019




As part of our health & wellness initiatives at work, SC Training (formerly EdApp) team members around the globe are participating and competing in their official STEPtember challenge! Over the 28 days, about 10 SC Training (formerly EdApp) teams will be upping their daily step count to help raise money for The Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA). 

Cerebral Palsy is one of the most common physical disability in childhood. It’s so prevalent that every 15 hours an Australian child is born with it. The disorder affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. The CPA is a cause run out of Australia, which raises money to help kids and adults living with cerebral palsy lead the most fulfilling, independent and inclusive life possible. 

So what is STEPtember? 

STEPtember is an initiative that encourages teams in organisations to reach their daily recommended steps in whilst raising money for a great cause. Did you know the average employee only walks 3,000 steps a day whilst the WHO recommends daily active steps to be an average of 10,000 a day! 

How is SC Training (formerly EdApp) planning on stepping up? 

We’re encouraging a bit of healthy competition between our office locations by gettings teams of 4 across different functions together, to encourage each to up their step count over the 28 days. We also use the very handy Steptember app to log and track our progress – where we can also see a leaderboard across the whole organisation. We have already seen an immediate shift in behaviour as a result! 

“STEPtember is a great opportunity to push yourself to be more active, while supporting a great cause. My dog will definitely appreciate all the extra walks he’ll be getting this month!” 

Katherine, Customer Success Manager (London office)

“I didn’t actually realise the impact this challenge could have on me. Not only have I started taking the longer route home to get my steps up, but I’ve also started listening to an interesting podcast. Overall it’s a great idea and I realised exercise isn’t so hard after all! It’s a great way to get the whole company to be more conscious about being more active’ 

Luke Cameron – Senior Software Engineer (New York office)

It’s been great to see our teams across Sydney, New York and London encourage each other to get active and get behind the cause. I’ve already seen some great initiatives taken with people sharing photos of themselves walking to work or having walking meetings. I also didn’t realise how competitive some of the teams can be! 

Elzaan, Head of People & Operations (Sydney office)


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