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SC Training (formerly EdApp) – The External Learning Solution of the Year


November 5, 2019



SC Training (formerly EdApp) - The External Learning Solution of the Year

We are excited to announce that SC Training (formerly EdApp) has been selected as a finalist for the External Learning Solution of the Year Award, hosted by the Learning Awards 2020 in the UK.

Established in 1996, the prestigious Learning Awards stand for recognising innovation and achievement in workplace learning. The awards celebrate:

“…exceptional individuals whose imagination and creativity have broken new ground in L&D globally over the last 12 months, and the brands and businesses that have transformed the possibilities of learning today. Live-streamed across the world, the Learning Awards is the ultimate event to celebrate the best of learning on the global stage.”

Out of 478 submissions from 51 different countries, we are proud to be shortlisted alongside other innovative organisations.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) previously took home the award for Innovation and Corporate Training at the L&D Innovation and Tech Fest and are humbled to have been publicly recognised again for our mobile-first microlearning platform which allows companies to author its own education and training tools to provide better learning outcomes for employees.

We set down and had a look at what makes us different than the competition. Enjoy.

1. Data-driven rapid authoring

As we deliver close to 50,000 lessons daily across the world, we are the only platform invested in what better learning looks like. Not only can we offer you the fastest authoring tool, but our agile platform will also have the capability to determine what an optimal course structure looks like.

2. Mobile-first vision

Our platform is mobile-first, which means it dominates our thinking. This goes far beyond just ensuring that all templates and lessons are beautifully crafted for mobile, it permeates into all of our features and roadmap. Which means it is very much a tool for today’s workforce.

3. Built-in translation using ML – Google

Our translation engine enables global organisations to deploy courseware in multiple languages at scale. Combined with our rapid authoring, courseware can be translated and distributed in dozens of languages in a fraction of the time compared to other platforms.

4. Built-in gamification

Seamlessly integrated into our templates, our built-in gamification provides motivation where audiences require external incentive for motivation. Perfect for large scale retail and other industries where casual workforces dominate.

5. Creation of a learning culture

Our platforms’ focus on the ongoing delivery of continuous learning, transforms the culture of an organisation. Personal growth becomes continuous and habitual, rather than a one-off.

6. Actionable reports

Uniquely, direct from our reporting suite learning cohorts can be contacted using push notifications and email. This is a huge move forward for training across large groups who might require encouragement or congratulations.

7. Offline mode

Ensuring equal access to the courseware no matter where in the world learners are located, our offline capability makes accessibility possible even in the poorest signal areas.

8. Brain Boost

As part of our mission for better learning, retention is our obsession. Brain Boost, using an adaptive, dynamic algorithm based on SM-2, drives successful learning outcomes. There’s no need to deploy an additional platform to drive retention – SC Training (formerly EdApp) has it built-in.

9. Notifications with AI

Our push notification engine not only allows custom notifications to reach global learners, but our AI will also send learners automated reminders at intervals where they are most likely to be successful.

10. Peer and social learning

The majority of employees turn to their colleagues for training first over any other resource. No other social learning lms has been able to leverage the peer to peer and social learning aspects like SC Training (formerly EdApp). Our functionality enables learners to contribute to company courseware and lessons by adding their own comments and ideas. This, in turn, cultivates a conversation with their fellow learners while simultaneously enhancing their understanding of the learning material.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) would like to extend its thanks to everyone who made the nomination possible and look forward to the continued innovation and disruption we continue to deliver in the microlearning space.

Hear what our clients have to say about the platform here. And if you’d like a free demo, reach out to demo@edapp.com to access yours now.


Deni Verklan

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