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10 Elearning providers with translation services in 2024


June 18, 2024


Bea Garcia


Elearning translation services

Bridge divides and go global by breaking down language barriers. If your teams are multilingual and spread all over the globe, make workplace training more accessible by accurately and easily translating content to other languages.

Make translating high-quality training content a breeze with the help of elearning translation services. We’ve done the work for you by listing the top 10 elearning providers with translation services in 2024.

What is elearning translation?

Training that speaks your team’s language is more effective and impactful. Elearning translation services help you reach teams from wherever they are by translating content from its original language to their native language.

Elearning translation services

If translation focuses on converting text into course content, quizzes, elearning websites, and other textual elements, localization dives deeper. It also transforms the content culturally and contextually, making it more nuanced and relevant to users.

It can be tedious and time-consuming to manually translate each training course to your employees’ preferred languages, especially for multinational businesses that may need to translate training into more than 10 languages. So when making an elearning authoring tools comparison, it’s important to take this into account.

Luckily, elearning providers make lives easier with in-built translation services that you can use to translate ready-made content and even your own courses. But translation-focused companies also offer language services for many industries, including elearning.

What is the importance of elearning translation and localization?

More than just changing words, translation and localization are means to being more connected. Here are more reasons why you should consider translation and localization when training your teams:

  • Improved comprehension and engagement - When employees no longer need to translate content from English to their native tongue, they have a better grasp of information, and their training experience is enhanced.
  • Enhanced performance and productivity - The improvement of workplace training goes hand-in-hand with the growth of your teams. Your crew can apply what they know from training better when they understand its content more thoroughly.
  • Inclusivity - Inclusive training content makes teams feel valued and supported, allowing them to contribute more effectively.
  • International brand consistency - Training translation helps with sustaining a consistent brand image adapted to local preferences.

Now, let’s dive into some of the best elearning providers with translation services.

Elearning translation services #1 - SC Training

To kick off this list, we have the leading name in elearning translation services, SC Training (formerly EdApp). Use its powerful AI translation tool to intelligently transform content from its original language to another with just the click of a button.

Elearning translation services - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

There’s no need to go through the task of looking for qualified translators. Deliver training within minutes in any of the 100+ languages available in SC Training’s (formerly EdApp) translation tool.

Need to tweak the translated content? Simply download the text, input your changes, and re-upload the copy. This way, you can have accurate and on-brand translations every time.

Elearning translation services - SC Training AI translation tool

Skip the foreign-language surveys. Courses are immediately delivered in your team’s preferred language, as this translation tool uses their default device settings.

There are only a few trusted AI translation tools out there, but SC Training (formerly EdApp) stands out as a leader in leveraging AI for elearning. Make the most of their AI translation tool and pair it with their AI course builder. This way, you can quickly create courses and deliver them to teams around the globe in no time!

Elearning translation services - SC Training AI Create

Cost: Free (up to 10 users); paid plans available

Key features:

  • AI-powered translation
  • 100+ languages
  • Editable translated text
  • Automatically uses the device’s default language settings
  • AI course creation

Break barriers with the best elearning translation tool. Join SC Training (formerly EdApp) today!

Elearning translation services #2 - Language Scientific

Language Scientific is another elearning translation provider with over 215 supported languages. Some of their expertise includes audio voiceovers, web-based training, UI translation, XML content, and more.

Elearning translation services - Language Scientific

They've got in-house linguists, with teams divided by subject matter. So, whether it's medical and pharmaceutical translation or technical and engineering translation, they have the teams for that. Plus, they can handle a range of eLearning formats, including HTML5, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • 215 supported languages
  • Translation operations structured by subject area specialization
  • Works with a variety of elearning formats

Elearning translation services #3 - Ulatus

Ulatus is primarily a translation company that helps businesses translate their documents into over 200 languages. But they’re also an LMS platform that can help with training translation through its e-learning localization services.

Elearning translation services - Ulatus

Use this tool to translate course content, multimedia elements, user experience, infographics, and even how-to videos into the learner’s preferred language.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Localization
  • End-to-end localization
  • 200+ languages

Elearning translation services #4 - Berba

Just like the last tool, Berba is another translation company that offers elearning translation services. They have a team of native translators that can transform e-learning materials into different languages.

Elearning translation services - Berba

Berba translates presentations, slides, guides, manuals, videos, apps, and websites. Plus, it offers two types of pricing rates on a per-word basis—one for generic content and another for specialized content.

Cost: Starts at approximately 0.07 USD per word

Key features:

  • Professional native translators
  • Translation of different file types, videos, apps, and websites
  • Per word pricing

Elearning translation services #5 - Artisan Learning

Artisan Learning is next on this list with its wide offering of learning solutions, including course translation services. They follow an English-first approach, meaning they make sure that their English language courses are high-quality and accurate before translating them.

Elearning translation services - Artisan Learning

They also aim to go beyond the words by syncing the tone and design for a consistent experience. Their translators may be outsourced vendors, but Artisan oversees their work to check if they match the source language.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • English-first approach
  • Adjustment of tone and design
  • Outsourced translators

Elearning translation services #6 - Ampere Translations

Ampere Translations offers a variety of language services, including translating online courses, elearning websites, quizzes, multimedia presentations, worksheets, and more. It works with SCORM-compliant courses, so you can easily upload translated content to an elearning platform.

Elearning translation services - Ampere Translations

When it comes to the translation of videos, it walks clients through developing a strategy that meets their needs. They offer translation services for audio scripts, subtitling, and voiceovers.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Translation of different aspects of elearning
  • Works with SCORM-compliant courses
  • Translation of videos, including subtitling and voiceovers

Elearning translation services #7 - Argo Translation

Next on this list is Argo Translation. It offers translation integrations for a variety of LMS software. Whether you're using Adobe Captivate, Adobe After Effects, Articulate, Lectora, Microsoft PowerPoint, or other platforms, Argo has you covered.

Elearning translation services - Argo Translation

What sets Argo apart is its team of experienced linguists specializing in elearning. They translate more than just words. They also handle graphics and voiceovers. This guarantees that employees can easily understand your entire learning module.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Integrations with different LMS software
  • Translations made by linguists specializing in elearning
  • Translation of the entire learning module, including graphics and voiceovers

Elearning translation services #8 - Plume Studio

Plume Studio is another LMS platform that offers translation and localization. It uses Google Translate services, but translations were done right when the page was created or edited to cut costs.

Elearning translation services - Plume Studio

Beyond the content, the platform also translates user-interface elements. Plus, it supports 133 different languages, including Spanish, French, and German.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Pre-translated content through Google Translate
  • Translation of user-interface elements
  • 133 supported languages

Elearning translation services #9 - Learning Lab

Up next, we have Learning Lab. It’s a multilingual elearning platform with an automatic translation system that uses DeepL as a translation provider. Some supported languages include Portuguese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech, and Russian.

Elearning translation services - Learning Lab

It also has a multilingual authoring tool that allows users to create content—such as videos, images, and quizzes—in multiple languages.

Cost: Starts at approximately 1,365 USD

Key features:

  • Automatic translation system using DeepL
  • Various supported languages
  • Multilingual authoring tool

Elearning translation services #10 - Stepes

Last but not least, Stepes offers translation services for your elearning, L&D, and LMS needs. They mostly cater to multinational companies in the IT, medical, financial, automotive, and manufacturing fields.

Elearning translation services - Stepes

Use this to translate subtitles and record voiceovers for videos. Stepes can also work with a variety of elearning authoring tools, including Adobe Captivate and Moodle. Plus, it can translate your SCORM content, so you can easily deliver training in European and Asian markets.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Video translation
  • Works with many elearning authoring tools
  • Supports European and Asian languages


Bea Garcia

Bea Garcia is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a cutting-edge e-learning platform designed to democratize training. Beyond her writing desk, she spends her time trying out recipes and watching films.

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