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10 Free artificial intelligence tools for training


October 20, 2023



Free artificial intelligence tools

Artificial intelligence tools have made every step of training easy, from content creation to smart recommendations. With tools like ChatGPT, you’ll never have to worry about writer’s block when building learning curriculums for your employees. 

What’s even better is that there’s now a wide range of choices for free choices for AI software. So, in this list, we’ll talk about some of the best free artificial intelligence tools for training that are available on the market today! 

What are the benefits of using AI for training?

Across the board, using AI just makes life easier. For training, AI can remove the tedious tasks involved from content creation to performance management. AI doesn’t just include generative content but there’s also machine learning for smart algorithms and personalization.

To give you an idea of the benefits of using AI for training here are some concrete examples:

  • Cut costs: Generative AI tools collate information all over the internet, which makes research and data gathering much simpler. This is crucial for creating training content, especially for topics that are covered by available materials. You and your teams can dedicate resources to more important tasks.
  • Save time: You can generate content with a push of a button. From researching and writing to editing and quality control, AI can do the legwork. Managers and team members can save a lot of time by running tasks through AI tools.
  • Streamline workflow: Because of automation and ease of use, integrating free AI tools into your workflow will make administrative tasks much easier. For example, for L&D professionals, research for training content can be entrusted to AI-assisted tools.
  • Personalize learning paths: Through algorithms and machine learning, AI can recommend learning experiences based on learner profiles and performance. This means that AI tools can help you and your teams customize training based on your specific needs.
  • Improve training experience: AI tools can help improve learning programs through a wide range of smart recommendations on quizzes, gamification, and interactive elements. Because AI learns from existing training platforms, it can assist in enhancing and improving different aspects of the training process.

Now that we’ve explored some of the advantages of AI tools for training, let’s get into our list of recommendations.

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is our top recommendation for artificial intelligence tools for training because of its amazing Create with AI tool alongside a suite of elearning features. You can build courses, deliver training, collaborate with teams, and gain important insights from reporting and analytics. It’s an all-in-one platform that houses powerful AI technology.

Free artificial intelligence tools - SC Training

The Create with AI feature allows you to build courses entirely from scratch with the push of a button. Type in a topic and hit generate: it’s that simple. Watch as the tool creates a beautiful microlearning course from scratch. No more writer’s block.

Once your courses are generated, you can customize them according to your needs. You can attach multimedia files like videos and images and add interactive elements like quizzes. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s authoring tool has many design templates to choose from to help you create engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Once you’ve delivered your courses to your learners, you can easily track and monitor progress through the performance dashboard. Reporting and analytics have never been easier with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)


  • AI Course generation
  • Microlearning
  • Performance dashboard
  • Game-based quizzes

Simplify learning today with SC Training (formerly EdApp). Try the best artificial intelligence tool for training!

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #2 - ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the best free AI for training because of its accessibility and intuitive nature. Simply ask for what you need, either through prompts or conversation and it’ll produce virtually anything. For training needs, simply ask about curriculums, training topics, or course structures, and it’ll give you practical information you can easily apply to your tasks.

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - ChatGPT

It’s the best partner for brainstorming because it can also edit, revise, and outline any content you run through it. Aside from this, research and translation can also be done directly with the tool.

Cost: Free


  • Content generation
  • Outline creation
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Brainstorming
  • Training schedule generation
  • Translation

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #3 - Google AI/Bard

Bard is a language-based free AI that’s a great conversational software for creative collaboration. It can assist L&D managers and trainers in content writing, developing learner objectives, and doing a wide range of performance analyses based on existing data.

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - Bard

Google built the tool with their PaLM 2 language model which is focused on comprehension, reasoning, classification, and other high-level language processes. These are great for understanding human needs. It can understand complex and complicated topics so it can help with any topic!

Cost: Free


  • Responsible generative AI
  • Reasoning
  • Multilingual translation
  • Coding support
  • Machine learning

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #4 - Mindsmith

For accelerated yet tailor-fit content generation, you can rely on Mindsmith. This AI software can help you streamline your course creation process through its efficient content generation. All parts of the building process, from training goal creation to course structure, are taken into consideration when generating. 

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - Mindsmith

Content built on this platform is SCORM-compliant which makes it easily shareable and accessible to a wide range of tools.

Cost: Free


  • AI-assisted course building
  • SCORM-compatible

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #5 - Pictory

If you want to spice up your learning content, try Pictory. This AI-powered tool for training can transform your Webinars, long-form content, Zoom meetings, and other videos into learning content that your teams will enjoy.

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - Pictory

No video editing or technical skills are required to create branded videos that you can share with your teams. You can even add captions with ease!

Cost: Free trial


  • Video converter
  • Automatic caption
  • Text-to-speech AI voices

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #6 - Heights

Collaborate with the Heights AI to build ChatGPT-powered learning courses for your teams. It works like any other AI course creator: add a description, prompt, or topic, and you’ll have a course ready in a flash. It’ll include a great course title, a lesson outline, a snappy course description, and more!

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - Heights

Improving the course is simple too. No need to customize the course yourself, just ask the AI assistant what you need and want, and it’ll revise the content for you!

Cost: Free trial


  • Chat-GPT-powered AI course creator
  • AI-powered editing
  • 24/7 support

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #7 - Lingio

Lingio is an AI-powered authoring tool for elearning that’s built for a wide range of employee training for businesses. The content generated and built on the platform is designed for mobile use while taking advantage of gamification, interactive course designs, and engaging learning experiences.

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - Lingio

The AI content creation tool can use existing learning materials to build new and dynamic content.

Cost: Free trial


  • AI-powered course creator and customization
  • Gamified elements
  • Mobile device adaptable

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #8 - Mini Course Generator

Mini Course Generator uses artificial intelligence to create bite-sized learning materials that are packed with content. Just type in an idea and it’ll generate everything for you. From a catchy title to a comprehensive course outline. Of course, you still have the power to customize each mini-course. You can add images, text, quizzes, and more.

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - Mini Course Generator

Cost: Free with paid plans


  • AI assistant
  • Course customization

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #9 - Coursebox

Coursebox is an AI-assisted drag-and-drop course builder that’s intuitive yet powerful. Add your outline with existing content, and then the AI software will generate content in a matter of seconds. You can convert documents, videos, and even website pages into content! After the initial course is created, you can customize it according to your brand needs, even without design expertise.

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - Coursebox

Cost: Free with paid plans


  • Course structure creator
  • Course modification
  • Drag and drop builder

Free artificial intelligence tool for training #10 - CourseAI

CourseAI empowers trainers and learners to create unforgettable learning experiences through generative AI assistance. No design or coding is needed to build effective training courses with this learning software.

Free artificial intelligence tools for training - CourseAI

The tool will tailor-fit a lesson based on your input, including outlines, objectives, and content. You can customize the experience with video scripts, voiceovers, and quizzes to guarantee an interactive learning experience!

Cost: Free with paid plans


  • AI course creator
  • Ready-to-use video scripts and voiceovers
  • Quiz generation


Alec Bailon

Alec is an eLearning expert for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a pioneer LMS that designs creative mobile workplace training solutions. On the off days, they enjoy cooking, reading, or finding a live show or play to watch.

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