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10 Free Online Course Creators


April 20, 2023



Free Online Course Creators

Designing online courses has never been easier than before. This is all thanks to the availability of free online course creators in the market. But, with so many options to choose from, finding the best tool can be quite overwhelming. To simplify the process for you, we’ve created a list of the top free online course creators to help you build your courses with ease. 

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Creator Tool 

SC Training (formerly EdApp) tops our list of free online course creators for good reason – this learning management system (LMS) has exceptional features that can take the course creation process to a whole new level.

Free Online Course Creators - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Create an online course free, without any prior technical expertise. SC Training (formerly EdApp), the best free online course builder, offers over 80 interactive templates that cater to almost any learning needs. They have templates for content, quizzes, assessments, and surveys. These templates are ready to be populated with your content, so you can publish your course as early as today. 

Feel free to check out this guide on how to make an online course with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Free Online Course Creators - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Templates

Already have existing content? SC Training (formerly EdApp) can also work with that.

With its AI Doc Transformer (coming soon), you can easily transform your presentations and documents into beautiful microlessons. You can also import your SCORM materials and update them with SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s interactive and gamification elements, such as game-based quizzes, badges and certificates. This way, you can make sure your course has a big impact on your learners.

Free Online Course Creators - SC Training (formerly EdApp) PPT Conversion

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of building your course from scratch, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has an expert team of instructional designers who can take the heavy lifting for you. They can create beautifully-designed courses for you, so you can launch your training and get your team learning in no time. 

Free Online Course Creators - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Creation Service

The best part? All SC Training (formerly EdApp) lessons are responsive and perfectly formatted for any device. There’s no need to worry about your layout as it adapts to whatever screen size is being used.

Key features:

  • 80+ templates
  • AI Doc Transformer
  • SCORM import
  • Interactive and gamification elements
  • Course creation services (add-on)
  • Mobile accessibility

Build engaging and interactive microlessons with SC Training (formerly EdApp)!

2. isEazy

IsEazy is also a great free online course creator to consider. What’s great about this tool is it offers a range of customizable slide templates and course layouts. Within your lesson, you can add interactive elements such as images, audio, video, quizzes, and flashcards to make the learning fun and engaging for your team. It’s also backed by cloud-based technology, giving you peace of mind knowing that your learning materials will never be lost over time.

Free Online Course Creators - isEazy

One thing to keep in mind is that their free plan includes an IsEazy watermark on your published courses. But, they do offer affordable paid plans that let you remove the watermark and add your own logo.

Key features:

  • Customizable slide templates
  • Interactive elements
  • Cloud-based technology

3. Open edX

Open edX is an open-source platform for creating and delivering online courses. Using its authoring platform, you can create courses intuitively. You can even embed videos from YouTube or any other video streaming platform to further engage your learners. Plus, learning sequences can be easily created and organized into sections and subsections, so your team can effortlessly navigate through the course structure. 

Free Online Course Creators - Open edX

One potential downside of using this free online course creator is that it can be a bit complex for beginners who aren’t familiar with the platform. While it’s intuitive and user-friendly, it may still require some learning curve for those who are new to online course creation. 

Key features:

  • Intuitive authoring platform
  • Video embedding
  • Learning sequences

4. BlackBoard LMS

Blackboard LMS offers a great Custom Course Creation service, where you can work alongside their instructional design team who knows the best elearning strategies. By doing this, you can see to it that the courses you design will be effective and engaging for your team.

Free Online Course Creators - Blackboard LMS

To enhance your learner’s learning experience, you can also use highly interactive digital assets such as animations, infographics, and other educational elements from this free online course creator. 

Just a quick heads up that this LMS for corporate training isn’t completely free. It can be quite expensive for small businesses since their pricing model is based on a per-user basis. Although, they do have a free trial if you want to try their platform first before subscribing.

Key features:

  • Custom course creation
  • Digital assets

5. CourseLab

If you’re looking for a free online course creator that offers a programming-free WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment, then CourseLab is the way to go. It has an embedded rich text editor that allows you to easily format your lesson’s text to a specific font, color, and size. This way, it matches either your course topic or your banding requirements. Another key feature is its dynamic HTML-based output capability, which makes it possible for your e-learning content to be played in a web browser even with no special player software. 

Free Online Course Creators - CourseLab

The only disadvantage of using CourseLab is that there’s no cloud-based version of the software. This means that all courses must be created and stored locally on the user's computer.

Key features:

  • WYSIWYG editor environment
  • Embedded rich text editor
  • Dynamic HTML-based output capability

6. ProProfs

ProProfs is a great option for course creation due to its advanced functionalities and user-friendly interface. For one, it offers over 100 ready-made online course design templates that you can choose from.

Free Online Course Creators - ProProfs

And from here, you have the freedom to add your own videos, images, or text to customize the learning materials and make them valuable and interactive. Accessibility is also not an issue since all learning resources built on ProProfs can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

One drawback of this free online course creator is that the free plan can only record 10 responses per month. This means that if you need to gather more responses from your learners, you would have to opt for their paid plans.

Key features:

  • 100+ ready-made templates
  • Interactive elements like videos, images, and text
  • Desktop and mobile accessibility

7. WizIQ

WizIQ boasts a simple authoring tool and test builder, which gives you the power to customize courses and conduct assessments and tests for your teams. This free online course creator also uses the multimodal learning strategy that lets you deliver various training materials using real-time audio, video, and text communication. This makes sure that your team stays engaged throughout the training process. 

Free Online Course Creators - WizIQ

Although if you check their reviews on G2, some users have encountered technical issues while using the tool, specifically with video and audio quality. Additionally, the platform isn’t free, and it only gives a 14-day free trial.

Key features:

  • Simple authoring tool
  • Test builder
  • Real-time audio, video, and text communication

8. Alemira

Alemira prides itself on its online course creator that’s content-agnostic. Meaning, you have the freedom to create and deliver content in any type or format, allowing for a faster content creation process. The process is further simplified by its cutting-edge block-type content editor, which supports a variety of media and rich-text editing features. 

Free Online Course Creators - Alemira

This online course creator is relatively new in the market with limited third-party integrations. Additionally, courses created on the platform can only be accessed through a web browser and aren’t adjusted for mobile viewing on smartphones.

Key features:

  • Content-agnostic creator tool
  • Block-type content editor

9. Coursify

Coursify is known for its online course builder that’s easy to use. It can structure your course into sections and lessons, and add additional information such as images and videos. Plus, it allows you to add your logo, images, and color theme to the lessons to give your learners a more personalized learning experience. Your content is also adapted for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, so you don’t have to worry about course access and formatting. 

Free Online Course Creators - Coursify

The only thing to consider before investing in Coursify is that this free online course creator lacks advanced customization. If you want to add interactive elements like quizzes, games, and assessments to your courses, you might want to check out other creator tools, like SC Training (formerly EdApp). 

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use course builder
  • Access to desktops, tablets, and mobile phones

10. GoSkills

Whether you need help with designing your onboarding training or creating your compliance training, GoSkills can definitely help you out. This free online course creator lets you create your own courses and resources from scratch. Or, you can import your ready-made materials via SCORM, xAPI, AICC, or CMI5. To spice up your training, you can also include some of its gamification examples, like a daily streak and time-tracking goals. 

Free Online Course Creators - GoSkills

Although GoSkills offers a free trial, it's not entirely free. Before subscribing to any of its paid plans, it's also essential to note that some users have reported occasional bugs on the platform.

Key features:

  • Course creator tool
  • Course import tool
  • Gamification 


Jen Avelino

Jen is a learning expert at SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based training platform that helps corporates and businesses bring their training solutions to the next level. She carries an extensive writing experience in a variety of fields, including architecture, the gig economy, and computer software. Outside of work, she enjoys her free time watching her favorite series and documentaries, reading motivational books, and cross-stitching.

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