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Why the Future of Business is Mobile Learning


July 12, 2019



future of business is mobile learning

Mobile learning is the future of business because it provides an efficient way of training employees and keeping therm engaged in your business. Employees are provided with short training videos, games, modules or podcasts that express an important aspect of your business. Spend so much time on our phones, but we can be spending that time learning about things that will make us more efficient and better off in our current position. The future of business is mobile learning because….

Mobile Learning is personalized

You are always hearing about shortened attention spans and the idea that you aren’t able to retain everything you hear. That is why mobile learning is such a success. It provides the viewer with short bursts of information in different formats, tests them on their retention of the information, digs deeper into areas that seem to be a concern for that learner, and provides them with goals to achieve. Plus, it is accessible wherever the employee is from any mobile device.

Mobile Learning is Convenient

Many businesses are looking for ways to keep their employees engaged at work, help them become better at what they do, and minimize costs associated with training. Mobile learning provides a solution to these issues that not only allows the business to conveniently benefit, but it makes it more convenient for the employees, as well. It is easy to use and accessible.

Mobile Learning is Effective

People retain more information through microlearning, because the information is presented in shorter bursts and incorporates different modes of transference. Therefore, the user is able to get more out of each little session. They get the information that is timely and presented when it’s needed. They help the employee understand what is expected of them, provides key information about things that they should know about the products you sell or the services you provide, and it is done in a format that is easily digested, which makes it easier to retain. We

Microlearning is the future of business, because it is an easy and affordable way to get more out of employees while providing employees ways to get more out of their job. It is really a win-win situation for businesses and when it works better than traditional models, it starts to trend. Mobile learning is how businesses get the competitive advantage on their competition.  

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

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