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Swipe Left or Right Game Template


May 2, 2016


Guest Author Daniel Brown


Swipe Left or Right Game Template

In 2012, the dating app Tinder introduced mobile users to an unexpectedly brilliant user interaction mechanism. Swipe left to disapprove, and swipe right to approve.

The simple design and intuitive behavior helped propel the app and its user interface interaction into the pop culture realm. Today, the swipe-yes-or-no design has been adopted by a series of Tinder-inspired apps asking users to say yes or no to dogs, shoes, real estate, and jobs.

3 example use-cases of the “Swipe it Right” template:

Now on SC Training (formerly EdApp), you too can employ this mobile interface design that mobile users clearly love with our Swipe it Right template.

Swipe Left or Right Game Example #1 – True or False

This template is great for implementing true or false statements in a game environment. With Swipe it Right, you can ask your users to discern if a statement is true or false by swiping the statement to the left or right.

Swipe Left or Right Game Example - True or False

Swipe Left or Right Game Example #2 – Influence Correct Behaviors

The example shown here utilizes the template to refresh and enforce worksite regulations. A stream of PPE items is displayed for the user to determine if it is safe or unsafe for a construction site. As you can see here, the typical approve/disapprove fields may be tailored to your purpose.

Swipe Left or Right Game Example - Influence Correct Behavior

Swipe Left or Right Game Example #3 – Product Training

Not only is it utilized for binary oppositions, but the Swipe it Right template can also be used to categorize items or statements. As seen above, Northface uses the game to enforce product features amongst its sales staff. Knowledge is enforced and retained top of mind by asking staff to swipe a selling point towards the product it best pertains to in a fun and time-pressured situation.

Swipe Left or Right Game Example - Product Training

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Swipe Left or Right Game Benefits

From educating your Sales Staff on product features to enforcing a safe work environment, Swipe it Right is a great versatile template to reinforce course content in an enjoyable and engaging game.

Users are also enticed to return to course content to improve their previous scores or results. Whether this is to ‘one-up’ a fellow employee or achieve a reward, game-based mobile learning has been immensely successful amongst our corporate clients in facilitating office comradery.

With templates such as Swipe it Right, it has never been easier or faster to implement games into your courses.

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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