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Top 10 Hospitality LMS


July 1, 2024


Anakin Garcia


Hospitality LMS

The hospitality industry involves practices and regulations in multiple fields like food and beverage, customer service, and tourism. To deliver the best customer experience, each of your team members needs to be well-trained in their specific field.

But, with large workforces and busy schedules, it can be difficult to train your entire staff. With a learning management system (LMS), you can level up your team’s training program. Find the training tool your team needs in this list of the top 10 Hospitality LMS.

What is a Hospitality LMS?

An LMS for hospitality training is software used for creating, implementing, and managing training programs. It’s a cost-effective tool because it sends courses and lessons to dozens of your team members in just a few clicks. Some of the defining features of a hospitality LMS include:

  • Course management - deliver lessons and conduct training for your team.
  • Progress tracker - monitor your team’s development and participation. 
  • Performance evaluation - deliver assessments to test your team.

Other LMSs and similar tools for learning management in hotels have additional features to make training easier like gamification, accessibility with mobile devices, and cloud-based learning. With your team’s busy daily tasks, it's best to find an LMS  that’s available anytime on any device. To pick the one best suited for your company, check out the list below.

Hospitality LMS #1 - SC Training

If you need a hospitality LMS that gives you the full benefits of training, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has everything you need. It’s an all-in-one training platform that can create and present engaging courses, keep track of attendance, and monitor certificates. It’s also available on all devices so your team is already equipped to use it.

SC Training - Hospitality LMS

SC Training’s Course Library hosts over 1000 courses that you can edit and customize to fit your company’s branding. It also has hospitality management courses, customer service courses, and cleaning and sanitizing courses made with and approved by industry experts. There’s a course here for every member of your team.

SC Training Course Library - Hospitality LMS

It may be a lot to manage multiple teams in different specializations but SC Training’s admin experience got you covered. You can easily sort them into groups and keep track of their current certificates and training. You can also make learning fun with gamification and custom achievements.

SC Training Admin Experience - Hospitality LMS

When it’s time to conduct your training program, SC Training’s Group Training can help you keep up with multiple groups. It can track everyone’s participation, compliance, and attendance so you don’t need to use papers for endless checklists. Whether your training program is in-person, offline, or hybrid, you’ll be able to teach your employees with ease.

SC Training Group Training - Hospitality LMS

Cost: Free (up to 10 users); paid plans

Key features:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Course Library
  • Group Training
  • Admin experience
  • Completion certificates
  • Achievements
  • Gamification

Take your training to the next level with the best Hospitality LMS. Get started with SC Training today.

Hospitality LMS #2 - eloomi

Another hospitality LMS you can consider is eloomi. It’s an LMS that can easily train your entire staff with features like real-time progress reports and a mobile-friendly interface. Your team can learn conveniently from their smartphones.

eloomi - Hospitality LMS

eloomi also has lots of courses for hospitality workers like compliance training, customer service, and health standards. You can put these courses in a playlist for efficient scheduling. It can also automate learning sessions for onboarding and extra training for peak seasons.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Course library
  • Automated training sessions

Hospitality LMS #3 - SalesBoost

SalesBoost is an LMS focused on hospitality elearning. It offers courses in customer service, lodging, restaurant management, and sales. You can review and present these courses through their user-friendly platform. You may also opt to have it on a private site with your company’s branding.

SalesBoost - Hospitality LMS

This LMS has a unique training solution for sales and customer service. Through voice analysis technology, your team can practice simulated sales scenarios. It also gives real-time coaching and feedback for your team’s vocal performance in the simulation.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • Simulated sales training
  • Private training platform
  • Hospitality-focused courses

Hospitality LMS #4 - Continu

If you need a hospitality LMS that can help you build a knowledge base, you can use Continu. It has strong content management tools that can help you create wikis, pages, and articles for training content. It can also create training manuals for you through its AI tools.

Continu - Hospitality LMS

With your lessons ready, you can present them to your team through Continu’s third-party integrations like Slack and Zoom. You can also prepare training for onboarding, peak seasons, and compliance through their automated workflow features.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • AI tools
  • Third-party integration
  • Reporting and analytics

Hospitality LMS #5 - SeekLMS

SeekLMS is a great all-in-one hospitality training software that allows you to create courses, conduct learning sessions, and assess your team. It also has a certificate system that can remind you when your team needs to retrain or to be recertified.

SeekLMS - Hospitality LMS

You can use this hospitality LMS to incorporate blended learning or online self-study in your team’s daily operations. Courses created in SeekLMS can be accessed and saved 24/7 through their cloud servers. Your team can do their training any time at their convenience.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • Course creation and management
  • Certificates
  • Cloud-based learning

Hospitality LMS #6 - Open LMS

Open LMS is a hospitality LMS that can fit into any operation. It has modern features like a scheduling tool, a mobile app for your team, and a course catalog that locates the best lessons for your training needs. It can also check if your team’s certificates need to be updated.

Open LMS - Hospitality LMS

Open LMS also has a strong analytics feature to help you track your team’s learning progress. You’ll be able to pinpoint the strong and weak parts of your training program. You can further personalize it by uploading past training management through their SCORM-compliant course management tool.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • Scheduling and registration tool
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Real-time learner statistics

Hospitality LMS #7 - CPL Learning

CPL Learning is an LMS designed for hospitality training. It has an extensive course library with hospitality-related courses for compliance, upskilling, and onboarding. There are also courses for specific locations like pubs and restaurants.

CPL Learning - Hospitality LMS

Courses in CPL Learning can be accessed anytime through any device making it flexible for any learning setup. You can also create personalized learning goals and pathways for each of your employees. The platform can be customized to fit your company’s branding.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • Hospitality related courses
  • Personal learner routes
  • Accessible on all devices

Hospitality LMS #8 - Mykademy

Mykademy is another hospitality LMS that can help you create courses for your training program. It allows you to upload video, audio, and picture files so you can make courses for your team. These files will be secured and are only used for training.

Mykademy - Hospitality LMS

You can also use Mykademy for different training methods. Aside from live online meetings, you could also incorporate pre-planned video lectures so your team can learn outside of operation hours. It has third-party integrations so you can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other productivity apps to make learning seamless and social.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • Course creation
  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Third-party integrations

Hospitality LMS #9 - eHotelier

To train everyone in your organization, eHotelier is a hospitality LMS that has the resources to accomplish that. It hosts over 200 courses for frontline skills like selling, food safety, and bartending and management skills such as leadership, marketing, and event operations.

eHotelier - Hospitality LMS

Some of these courses use immersive learning through virtual reality. Your employees can learn room cleaning and other practical skills by exploring a virtual space. After training, you can easily track their progress with the CareerTrack feature. Manage certificates and note down potential managers across your entire organization.

Cost: Plans start at 4.50 USD a month

Key features:

  • Hospitality-related courses
  • Immersive learning
  • Progress tracker

Hospitality LMS #10 - Levelup LMS

Levelup LMS is an easy-to-use hospitality LMS for onboarding, retraining, and upskilling your team. It has a customizable user interface that works on any device. You can also add your company’s branding and organizational structure to help familiarize your team with the training.

Levelup LMS - Hospitality LMS

You can create courses and tracks with their HTML-based content authoring tool. With a few clicks, you can set deadlines, time limits, and certificates for your training program. Conducting training is also easy with Levelup LMS’s integration with Microsoft Teams.

Cost: Free; contact for paid plans

Key features:

  • Content authoring tool
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Mobile friendly


Anakin Garcia

Anakin Garcia is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), an e-learning platform that brings certified training courses straight to your phone. Outside of writing, he's playing tabletop games or reading comics.

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