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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Shape Our Learning In The Future


October 8, 2019



Artificial intelligence will shape our learning

Technology and innovation has been the driving force behind our accelerated progress and growth since the start of this millennium, and has been continuously disrupting age-old business models for the better.

This will very likely and obviously continue for years to come, with amazing innovation based on technology already planned for the future. Just like smartphone technology was the “big thing” in this decade, artificial intelligence or AI is going to be the next big thing for the coming decade. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used in its initial stages in a number of industries, and has the potential to influence our future and impact our growth in numerous ways. The next decade is going to see some very exhilarating and intense advances across all industries thanks to AI. But what does AI have in store for the learning and development (L&D) industry?

In this article, that is exactly what we’re going to discuss.

1. Hyper-Personalized Learning

Presently, with the help of mobile learning and personalized learning strategies and tools, learners can learn anytime, anywhere according to their preferences, needs, skills, interests, strengths etc. Even so, this requires thorough analysis of the above mentioned demographics, and is dependent on the data the learners themselves provide, which might not always be true. In the future, however, AI will be able to analyze and determine what pathways the learners need by interacting with them, and customize their near-term and long-term learning plan and approach to their unique situation, needs and interests, thus hyper-personalizing their learning experiences. This will help learners focus completely on just learning, and not on other details or mechanics of learning.

2. Advanced Immersive Courses

Virtual reality as well as augmented reality (VR/AR) has already made great strides and has expanded its scope from games and entertainment to a number of other industries, including education as well as L&D. With the emergence of AI, however, VR could become something else entirely. There are already talks of sophisticated, interactive and immersive virtual simulations which will have hundreds of thousands of paths, much like real life. This could completely revolutionize learning, as training could take place in a virtual space while the learners could be sitting at their home, in their offices, or anywhere for that matter. Combined with hyper-personalized learning, each learner will be living in their own virtual training world learning exactly what they need.

3. AI Counselling

In the future when AI has advanced, there will be AI counselors which could be accessed either via VR or be present in the form of humanoid robots which would guide and mentor learners through their learning journey. This may include choosing which courses to take, and even their professional journey, like career planning and suggestions through a thorough analysis of their preferences, needs, skills, interests and the like. However, these AI counselor will most likely not replace human counselors, and will only act as support. Having said that, who knows what could AI be capable of in the future!

4. Grading Of Courses

With AI-powered learning becoming a full-fledged billion dollar industry in the future, the market will be flooded with courseware that will still be developed by humans, most of whom will be freelancers (freelancing is set to overtake full-time employment by near-about 2025). Grading such a large number of courses will not be humanly possible, and hence, we will have to turn to AI to grade these courses. In addition, because AI is trainable (that’s the whole basis of AI), they will be able to at least help in the design, development and upgrade of courseware, if not fully design and develop courses by itself.

AI will be able to create fully digital learning ecosystems in the near future, which is why leading-edge organizations have already started implementing AI in a number of aspects of their operations, as well as training their workforce in AI engineering and design. AI is going to affect and transform every human activity in the near future, and this future may be closer than one might think. L&D professionals and corporate organizations both need to step-up their knowledge on AI fast, in order to gain a competitive advantage over others as well as to prevent the risk of being left behind in redundancy and oblivion.


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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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