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How to deliver customer service training


January 29, 2019



customer service training

As the demand for customer service training grows, so do the delivery methods for employers. However, do organizations really know how to deliver customer service training effectively, in a manner that leaves the participants feeling revitalized?

First and foremost, it’s good to know that there are two main objectives for employee training:

1. Providing information

2. Practicing new behaviours.  

Some things are best absorbed in our minds when a specific training or delivery method is used. Let’s look at a few practical approaches companies can apply to deliver training to their customer support staff.

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Break training into bite-sized portions

Researchers claim that the basic attention span of a typical human being is a paltry eight seconds. Learners in a training session need to continually refocus on the study material being presented. Naturally, this eventually becomes a mental strain, which can leave them feeling burnt-out.

If you think about your current training methods, do they require your customer service representatives to attempt to stay focused for long periods? If that is the case, they are going to miss vital information. Bite-sized portions of training are more effortlessly absorbed and incorporated into future performance. This approach is called, microlearning.

Empower your support team to take more control of their training

Give your customer service team an opportunity to take control of their training or learning sessions, so that they can engage/connect and disengage/disconnect as much as needed, to retain maximum focus levels.

No one really loves to sit down in a classroom setting for hours while a trainer drones on and on, about an endless list of procedures, policies, and tasks. If you use this training delivery approach on your customer care team, they are likely to disengage quickly. If you must deliver some information verbally, ensure you keep each training session to a 20-30 min presentation.

Make good use of the Smartphone Culture

Many people nowadays own a Smartphone. These gadgets have really changed about the way we communicate, learn, read, and gather new information.

Whether you run a small or huge organization, you have probably seen your staff sneaking a peek at their mobile phones during the work hours. Why can’t you utilize the Smartphone craze to deliver your customer service training? The mobile learning trick is to make their phone use, work-related. In other words, use it to convert their office mobile-phone usage from wasteful to meaningful.

How to deliver customer service training: Bottom line

Most organizations experience cut-throat competition from their opponents. This gives customers a range of options if poor training causes a support team to mishandle a support call.

Stop accepting the losses linked to client discontent by putting human psychology and modern technology to work. Give your customer service team a conducive, flexible and convenient environment to train. You will be rewarded with higher customer satisfaction, which definitely translates to increased revenue.

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Download SC Training (formerly EdApp): Small Team Edition from the App store now.

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