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How to Keep Employees For Longer?


September 27, 2019



keep employees for longer

It has been confirmed that microlearning will stay for relevant for the long-term. The proof is that more and more business organizations are increasing their usage of microlearning in preparation for the future. They understand that microlearning can drive successful employee performance which results in retention, higher productivity, and profits.

Microlearning also helps in keeping the employees for a longer time. Let’s see how.

Easy Engagement

We are living in a world where smaller is better. We text, we tweet, and sometimes we post the pictures to tell a story. We use short parts of information in progressively shorter surges of time due to our inability to sit through long and boring information tips. Microlearning fits into our world where lengthy LMS eLearning modules cannot, whereby microlearning nurtures 50% extra engagement in the learning. Employees that are involved in learning find out more and have an increased chance of being willingly involved with the company. They are precisely what you need for productivity and employee performance.

Quick and Easy

Microlearning rightly empowers the people. While they are becoming more informed, they will offer superior customer services, decrease the risks of an accident, as well as increase their expertise and knowledge so they can perform at their optimum. High-performing education organizations are progressively using tactics like microlearning and are seeing it pay-off. High-performing education organizations provide 37% better productivity.

Learning with Workflow

As 1% of the usual work week is the only portion of time when your employees can set time aside for training, you need to take all you can get. The bite-sized learning can easily fit into the employee’s workday without dragging them from their workflow to progress through course content. With microlearning, your employees can spend the usual time on the job and still get the required knowledge to do the jobs well. Microlearning makes it simple to learn things every day, turning interruptions into fruitful time. Microlearning can be translated into better work engagement, making it an easy win-win situation for everybody.

Mobile Friendly

Microlearning works well with the mobile learning through the delivery of quick, consumable portions of learning which fits flawlessly on the smaller screen. It does not mean inelegantly planted videos or that type of massive information tips found in customary eLearning. Mobile learning is customized for mobile experiences, offering a vehicle for constant access to train anywhere and anytime. Microlearning then loads that with effective learning content which increases employees’ performance.

Knowledge Availability

It is beneficial that search engines assist in the discovery of answers to queries people are interested in, however, microlearning takes this one step further. Micromodules help in making the precise knowledge accessible to the people while they require it as well as delivering the accessibility and speed of search engines. It offers learning which your employees require to perform in their roles effectively, as well as providing access to the knowledge and information based on different outcomes which are important for your business.

Constant Analytics and Feedback

As microlearning offers immediate engagement opportunities and constant learning, this also offers you the opportunities of tracking employee performance continuously and reliably. This is particularly important as the type of analytics provided by microlearning help you intervene and educate employees before the problems begin to affect performance.

Microlearning is not only a buzzword, but is a very smart reply to the quickly changing workplace to create a workforce which can drive employees’ performance.


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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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