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How to train sales staff


February 6, 2019



How to train sales staff

Many people enjoy playing games. There are many people who waste away part of their day playing a game or kill some of their free time trying to master a level on a game. That is why many businesses are beginning to incorporate gaming into their training programs. It provides a way for their training programs to be more efficient, more engaging and even more effective. Here are some ways that trainers are getting their sales staff ready using gamification.

Sales Play, Game Play

The idea of turning sales play into game play involves a virtual selling situation that is based on a game. The user can practice making virtual sales to customers through a mobile learning environment. The game will be set up in a way that the learner will have to sell a product or service to a virtual customer, so they can feel more comfortable when they are doing the real thing.

Product Knowledge Gaming

Games can also be designed to quiz employees about the ins and outs of products you sell. For example, you can create a Jeopardy game about your five top products. Employees can compete against other employees and the competition alone will keep them engaged. It is a fun way to make sure that your staff know about your products and the intricate details that may turn an inquiry into a sale. The more a salesman knows about what he is selling, the faster he is able to find that one reason your customer wants it.

Practice the Close

Nearly every salesman struggles with the close or struggles to ask for the business. It is in our nature not to be too pushy, but when you don’t ask for the sale, you don’t get the business every time. A great salesman can make the customer identify all of the reasons why they want and need your product, but if they fail to ask them to buy, they may just lose the sale. Turning the close into a game is an effective way to get your staff practising asking for business, while also providing them with some neat ways to do it.

When it comes to training your staff, gamification is one way that can do it easily and efficiently. Turning your training into intelligent and fun games is a great way to ensure that you keep your staff engaged in learning and improving your business.

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