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10 HVAC Training Apps


August 8, 2022



HVAC Training Apps

HVAC training apps are useful for aspiring technicians, newbies, and even those who want to improve their current skill set. Using these apps helps your technicians become better at their job, grow their skills, and make sure that they’re performing the right procedures all the time. In this article, let’s look at 10 HVAC training apps that are essential to have on their devices.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp) 

If you want to supercharge your team’s knowledge and guarantee their success as HVAC technicians, SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the best HVAC training app for you to learn hvac. Creating learning content like free HVAC training courses can be done in just a few minutes thanks to its easy-to-use authoring tool, where no coding background or design expertise is required. Just choose from over 80 microlearning templates, populate your content, and deliver your best online hvac training. And if you don't want to start from scratch SC Training (formerly EdApp) has a content library with a massive amount of courses including basic hvac training, free HVAC classes, and free HVAC courses.

HVAC Training App - SC Training (formerly EdApp) template library

SC Training (formerly EdApp) also has different tools to test your workers’ knowledge and boost their retention of what they’ve learned. For example, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Rapid Refresh is a handy quiz maker that you can use to easily reinforce new concepts. Through Rapid Refresh, you can make quizzes feel like a game in no time. Gamification is among the best ways to improve retention rate and a good practice on how to learn HVAC on your own. This is helpful especially when learning HVAC and all its complicated lessons like HVAC system training. It’s an HVAC assessment test in the form of a dynamic quiz delivered to your technicians that asks different questions to establish what they remember.

HVAC Training App - SC Training (formerly EdApp) practical assessments

Another tool that you’ll love is SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Practical Assessments. It’s a custom checklist-style form where admins or facilitators can start in-person assessments to demonstrate knowledge of practical tasks and capture the learner’s performance. It features a drag-and-drop form builder to create your assessment form with multiple fields and data to choose from.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is available for use on all types of devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. This is beneficial for busy workers as they can continue learning at their convenience despite their hectic schedules.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key features:

  • Course creation authoring tool
  • Rapid Refresh
  • Practical Assessments

Sign up for free and start using the most efficient HVAC training app today!

2. HVACR Check & Charge

Emerson’s HVACR Check & Charge is a mobile app designed to provide HVAC technicians with the information they need right at their fingertips. It functions as an onsite refrigerant charge calculator for air conditioning apps so that your technicians can easily determine the ​correct system refrigerant charges. 

HVAC Training App - HVACR Check and Charge

It’s a great training and HVAC calculator app, especially for newbies who have yet to understand the basics of superheating and subcooling. Not to mention, they’ll be able to see the science behind it in the field in real-time and learn HVAC online free. This app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Superheat calculator
  • Subcooling calculator
  • Imperial and metric support

3. HVAC School

Tech for Techs built the HVAC School app to help aspiring technicians gain the knowledge they need while also reinforcing information to seasoned workers. Here, your workers can find tech tips, podcasts, the best HVAC training schools, free HVAC certificate, and tools that they can use to increase their HVAC knowledge and service performance.

HVAC Training App - HVAC School

HVAC School’s podcast is an informative series dedicated to bringing the latest in HVAC knowledge to its listeners. On the other hand, the HVAC tech tip articles written by industry professionals help your workers learn more about various topics, including training HVAC theory. Workers can also use the in-app calculators that employ common HVAC equations to help them understand important HVAC mathematics.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Podcast series
  • Tech tip articles
  • HVAC tools

4. HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy has two tools that your HVAC technicians will find very useful in their hvac training: the charging & diagnostic feature and the pressure temperature feature. The former helps begin diagnosis and determines the proper refrigerant charge by calculating superheat, subcooling, and airflow targets. It also provides a pressure temperature chart for reference.

HVAC Training App - HVAC Buddy

The pressure temperature feature then provides the most comprehensive list of refrigerant properties available. It shows information about the chemical name, boiling point, critical pressure, and critical temperature through a quick-jump top and bottom list for easy viewing.

Cost: 9.99 USD

Key features:

  • Refrigerant charge calculator
  • List of refrigerant properties
  • Pressure temperature chart

5. SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture is a customizable mobile inspection app primarily used to improve and maintain safety and quality, but it can also be used for practical training purposes. It offers pre-made HVAC Maintenance Checklists to efficiently inspect HVAC units and conduct maintenance. Through the inspection process, your workers will be able to see how inspections are done and identify areas for improvement.

HVAC Training App - iAuditor

Aside from its ready-made templates, SafetyCulture also allows admin and manager users to create custom checklists in just a few clicks. You can even convert your company’s current paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. Like most applications, SafetyCulture can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Ready-made checklists
  • Template builder
  • Template conversion

6. HyTools

If you need to simplify and improve complex hydronic systems, HyTools is an HVAC learning app that your teams should have. It has hydronic calculation tools along with expert hydronic data to make complex calculations easier. This user-friendly app helps HVAC technicians learn all about achieving the ideal system balancing, optimal pressurization, and energy-efficient thermostatic control.

HVAC Training App - HyTools

HyTools is available in 16 languages and can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. For iOS devices, though, it requires the iOS 7.1 version or later.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Hydronic calculator
  • System balancing
  • Thermostatic control

7. Ref Tools

Ref Tools is an all-in-one mobile app that gives your HVAC technicians the help, guidance, and support needed to get the job done. And it's the perfect tool if you're looking for HVAC troubleshooting software free. Aside from its calculation tools, its troubleshooter feature will come in handy to help diagnose situations, identify symptoms, and look for recommended solutions to air conditioning problems. Ref Tools also has an in-app podcast feature where your workers can get useful tips, tricks, and best practices for everything HVAC.

HVAC Training App - Ref Tools

Aside from its availability on both Android and iOS devices, Ref Tools also has a web version if you or your workers prefer to access it on a browser.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Troubleshooter
  • Podcast
  • HVAC calculator

8. HVAC Practice Test

HVAC Practice Test is perfect for those who want to test workers’ knowledge of HVAC Basics. It features practice tests and flashcards with over 2000 questions created by expert tutors, where learners can take a quiz on hundreds of topics. This app also includes analytics so your team members can track their performance and identify areas of improvement. They can also create a study plan, set daily goals, and even connect with other team members.

HVAC Training App - HVAC Practice Test

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Practice tests and flashcards
  • In-app analytics
  • Study plan

9. Skillcat

Skillcat promotes itself as the #1 free online HVAC trade school. It contains a wide selection of free courses, from refrigeration theory and airflow systems to advanced electrical troubleshooting. Through simulations, it teaches your workers how to perform different tasks and procedures that are being done in the field.

HVAC Training App - Skillcat

Enrolling in their degree program also allows your workers to get training equivalent to going to a trade school, but it’s all done online. After completing the course, workers can then take an EPA 608 Certificate. Aside from learning at no cost, Skillcat’s 99.2% pass rate is also a great indicator of how well their training programs can help your team members succeed.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Course library
  • Certificate
  • Simulations

10. HVAC Flashcards

HVAC Flashcards is an HVAC training app to help your workers master HVAC concepts and knowledge through different practice questions. It contains 1000 premade flashcards divided into five categories that cover all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC Flashcards also has multiple learning modes: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, and Quiz, all of which use gamification elements to provide a more interactive training experience.

HVAC Training App - HVAC Flashcards

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Flashcard quizzes
  • Gamification
  • Learning modes



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