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September 9, 2019



Implementing Safety Training in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is often faced with various challenges, sometimes detrimental to their dynamism and functionality. Retaining employees in the industry, paired with maintaining regulatory health and safety responsibility can prove to be a juggling act. This is exactly why it is essential to maintain steady and consistent processes. 

Managers are often forced to grapple with common challenges, such as high turnover rates, the need for high-quality service, abiding by safety and hygiene regulations, and providing successful training to employees.

High Turnover Rates

The hospitality industry has a known tendency to have a high turnover rate. One factor that may explain this is that they often have part-time or casual employees and may be seasonal. As a result, managers are constantly onboarding and training new employees, which is why it is essential to have a successful training strategy at hand.

Microlearning is the perfect solution in hospitality as employees are able to be up to scratch on everything they need to know to thrive in their role. Particularly in this industry, many employees tend to be of our younger generations who are conditioned to rely a lot on their technological devices for answers and support. Mobile-based microlearning utilizes tech magic, through the provision of vital training, distributed to employees’ own devices. Micromodules are presented to learners, containing course content which is released in short bursts for maximum retention of of information. Just-in-time training is also offered by microlearning, meaning that employees are able to quickly refresh their memory on the skills they need, while being on the floor, essentially training on-the-job.

When employees feel like they bring value to the business and that their effort is acknowledged, they are more likely to stay working. Microlearning provides them with endless amounts of information, presented in an engaging and interactive manner, allowing them to continually access they information they need and want.

High-Quality Service

Especially in hospitality, high-quality service is essential for company success. Hospitality jobs are customer-facing and people-based, meaning that emphasis must be placed on customer satisfaction at all times. The aim of the game is to essentially retain current customers, as well as attract new ones, derived from maintaining a great reputation.

Quality customer service can be delivered through ample practice of employees. When employees are knowledgable on the subject of customer service, they will develop capabilities to interact with customers to a gold-star standard. Microlearning modules are able to offer this type of training due to its interactivity aspect, meaning employees can be trained in real-life situations all at their fingertips.

Safety and Hygiene Regulations

Ensuring a safe and hygienic space is at the forefront of developing a successful and strong reputation for companies in the hospitality industry. Employees can be trained in high safety and health service standards through microlearning modules, based on the importance of food safety and sanitation.

A reputation of cleanliness is immediately attractive to customers, as they feel considered and confident in the purchase of company goods. This is why it is pivotal for managers to ensure employees are completely knowledgable in the area in an effort to avoid reputation-damaging instances.

Successful Training For Employees

Especially for hospitality employees, it can often be difficult to complete training when you are on the move all day, without many, or any, breaks. To accommodate the needs and preferences of employees, it is crucial to make training flexible and scalable.

Microlearning provides the most flexible and adaptive form of training to employees, whereby the company becomes agile and prepared for change in the industry. Mobile learning allows employees to complete their training wherever and whenever suits them, meaning that they do not waste time during their day.

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