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In-app branding with SC Training (formerly EdApp): a how-to guide


January 13, 2020



In App Branding with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Some of our most requested features are around branding capabilities and how to increase your branding within SC Training (formerly EdApp). We are happy to announce that branding can be further optimized to build a more customized learning experience.

Along with enabling you to integrate the branding of your course, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has added some exciting new ways to provide a stronger branding experience for your learners. Read on to discover our comprehensive guide and maximize your in-app brand presence.

What it entails

To ensure that your mobile-first learning experience represents your brand, we’ve created a couple of new additions: the ability to add your business logo to the registration screen and customizable registration fields.

Your custom logo

Located under ‘Users’, find the User Registration Settings. Along with creating a custom invite code, you can now display a custom logo when your learners first start to use SC Training (formerly EdApp).

creating your custom display logo

Simply upload your custom logo and your brand will appear when your learners use your unique invite code to register. Please note that images must be a PNG file with a maximum file size of 5MB. We recommend 180 x 180 px image dimensions. 

The custom-branded logo your learners will see

custom branded logo sample

After your learners input the unique invite code you’ve set up, your branding will be present right from the beginning of their learning experience. See the above photo for reference.

Your custom registration fields

We understand that your brand is unique and so are your learners and learner groups. Along with having the option to be able to differentiate your user groups with basic contact details such as postcode and zip code, additional details can now be personalized to make user setup seamless.


creating your user custom felds

Found under ‘App Settings’, add and edit custom fields under the ‘More’ subheading. See the example for ‘Job Title’ attribute above. Next, create custom fields to fit your needs.

Customizing your learners by job title, store number, or employee number, for example, will also create a seamless reporting experience. Create and edit the fields to fit your brand and personalize your learners’ experience.

So that’s it. Now you’ve mastered in-app branding with SC Training (formerly EdApp). Have fun and be sure to check out our example lessons along with our new content library for inspiration. 


Deni Verklan

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