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Introducing the SC Training (formerly EdApp) Banner feature


March 5, 2020



Introducing the SC Training (formerly EdApp) Banner feature

Introducing our brand new Banner feature!

At SC Training (formerly EdApp), we’re constantly evolving and creating new innovative features to enhance the overall learning experience. We are equally driven by supporting Learning and Development professionals to achieve the best learning outcomes possible. In alignment with this, we are excited to announce the deployment of our Banner feature. Read on to discover why it will enhance your learning initiatives and how to implement it to its full capabilities.

Why was it developed?

The Banner feature was created with further personalization of branding in mind. This marketing feature allows authors to increase brand awareness and strengthen exposure and target specific learning segments, along with giving the ability to navigate to URLs outside of the app.

Having external URLs will provide a more dynamic learning experience, where employees can explore additional information, resulting in a more in-depth understanding of the content provided. For example, organizations can easily link directly to their website from the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform so learners can access even more learning materials. Similarly, news URLs can be incorporated along with any other type of useful website to enhance the learner’s overall experience.

Beyond the use of external URLs, highlighted messages or courseware can be promoted using the Banner feature, providing even further personalization and flexibility from an authoring standpoint.

The SC Training (formerly EdApp) team built this feature as a way to promote courseware and excite users about their learning material while enhancing our clients’ brands and simultaneously engaging learners.

What does it change?

A commonly requested capability from our client base is the ability to promote and provide access to non-SC Training (formerly EdApp) content from within the platform. The Banner feature provides this, along with spotlighting learning material in a way that is engaging, whilst providing an indication of what is next to come by drawing attention to specially curated courseware or content.

What the learner sees

Banners are published in real-time, meaning that changes and new content are visible immediately and visibility restrictions can be applied. Learners are also now able to view the same image that has been uploaded via LMS on the Learner’s App.

The learner will view the Banners in the order they are displayed in the LMS, and can be exposed to ten banners at a time. As an admin, you can drag and drop the Banners in the order you would like them to be reflected in the app.

The Banner feature harbours carousels that prompt learners to manually swipe through each, giving themselves time to digest the content displayed.

Banners with user groups

A variety of different Banners can be assigned to different user groups. This means that you can expose different sets of learners to different types of content simultaneously. For example, if you create 5 Banners, you are able to display 2 of them to one audience and the remaining 3 to a different audience.

Our simple yet highly effective feature is only a few clicks away and is revolutionising the way you navigate, set up and deploy effective communication within the app.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming throughout the year. 

The SC Training (formerly EdApp) Team


Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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