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Liberty Metalcentre’s Sales Academy Goes Mobile


July 5, 2019



Liberty Metalcentres Sales Academy Goes Mobile
Liberty Metalcentre’s Sales Academy Goes Mobile

In a first for both Liberty Metalcentre and GFG Australia, 54 participants from 11 branches piloted mobile and micro-learning during May.

As part of [their] Sales Academy, Liberty Metalcentre partnered with the GFG Culture and Performance team to investigate learning and delivery method options for the future which are: Easy to use, accessible by any one at any time, meet the learning outcomes, and ensure learning retention and transfer.

GFG’s eLearning Specialist, Lucy Hood said, “Currently, the methods by which we deliver learning across LMC and GFG are limited. We decided to undertake this pilot as one of several groundbreaking learning delivery methods [we] are researching. Together they have the potential to revolutionise learning in the organisation: providing both engaging learning experiences as well as learning that sticks and contributes to improvements in performance.”

Mobile learning involves delivering learning content that is optimised for smart devices, making it easily accessible from anywhere at any time. This lends itself to another emerging approach — micro-learning, whereby content is delivered in short manageable chunks making it easy to fit into peoples’ busy days. The app our participants piloted, called “SC Training (formerly EdApp)”, uses both these approaches and more.

Focused on the DuraGal Flooring Systems (DFS) Sales Process, the pilot required participants to download SC Training (formerly EdApp) onto their mobile phone and complete a total of nine short lessons. For those without a smart device, access was also available via computer.

Each lesson was 3-5 minutes in duration — meaning that the total “DFS Sales Process” course took participants less than 45 minutes to complete over three weeks. The interactive SC Training (formerly EdApp) course included videos, learning activities, and quizzes at the end of each module to reinforce the content. A fun part of the learning was earning stars, which participants could then use to bid on prizes including Woolworths, Target and Coles gift cards.

The industry standard of online learning completions is 15–40%, so with a completion rate of 91% this learning pilot was a huge success for both Metalcentre and the C&P team. A big thank you to all our participants!

Here’s what some of our mobile-learning pilot participants had to say:

“The new SC Training (formerly EdApp) app catapults LMC into the latest learning platforms ensuring training is fun, relevant and extremely mobile for all LMC stakeholders.”
— David Marshall, LMC Hobart
“The app was a great, up-to-date way to learn. I found it easy to use and courses were the right amount of time with fun quizzes to refresh the learning.”
— Tayla Nickson, LMC Port Adelaide
“This was a great new way to learn. Short and straight to the point, easy access for busy people on the run. And who doesn’t love an app?”
— Leanne Purdy, LMC Wollongong
“It was a fun way to learn — and the prizes made it even more exciting!” — Justin O’keeffe, LMC Shepparton
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