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10 Best LMS for manufacturing


June 27, 2024


Mackie Angat


LMS for manufacturing

Training for factory floors, plant sites, and mills has to accomplish a lot. With so much ground to cover in knowledge development, skill improvement, and safety and regulation compliance, an LMS for manufacturing maximizes results, with less effort. 

Let’s explore your best options in manufacturing training software. Get to know what a learning management system for manufacturing is. Find out about each option’s unique strengths and features to help you determine the best fit for your training needs. 

What is an LMS for manufacturing? 

A learning management system for manufacturing is your digital tool for team onboarding, improvement, and reskill. It’s your reliable platform to create, deliver, and track training that boosts your work floor’s productivity and profit. 

An LMS for manufacturing is one of today’s best tools for developing employee proficiency and standards. These platforms optimize costs, time, and effort to enhance team expertise, safety, and compliance. 

Now let’s look at ten of the best programs for manufacturing training out there. 

LMS for manufacturing #1 - SC Training 

SC Training delivers what you need to develop and assess your crew’s expertise. Their blended learning options combine digital training with in-person evaluation seamlessly. Its briefcase tool improves worksite compliance by keeping safety sheets and manuals in one accessible storage. 

LMS for manufacturing - SC Training

This LMS for manufacturing helps implement training that raises team standards easily. Get the power to make comprehensive courses fast with the creator tool or just grab one of the many OSHA-compliant lessons from the course library, ready for use. 

LMS for manufacturing - SC Training Course Library

With the system designed for mobile learning, you won’t have to worry about completion. Teams can finish training anywhere, on any device - no matter their busy schedule. Better skills and knowledge in manufacturing come to work every day. 

LMS for manufacturing - SC Training Mobile Learning

Cost: Free (up to 10 users) 

Key features: 

  • Mobile-first training
  • Practical assessments 
  • Learning paths 
  • License and credential tracker 
  • Course and user reports and analytics 
  • Create with AI 
  • Group training 
  • Heads up custom notifications 
  • Custom certificates 

Bring out the best of your worksite with the best LMS for manufacturing. Join SC Training today! 

LMS for manufacturing #2 - Tovuti LMS 

Manufacturing crews need to prepare for any challenges that come in the plant. Tovuti LMS makes training delivery fast and accessible. Preparation becomes simple with their optimized content tools, assessments, and publishing features. 

LMS for manufacturing - Tovuti LMS

The platform keeps valuable factory skills and knowledge on demand, with trainees taking these lessons on the go. They make evaluations easy for tracking compliance. This manufacturing training software simplifies all preparation and work. 

Cost: Price available upon request. 

Key Features: 

  • AI-powered content creation 
  • Reference library 
  • Virtual classrooms

LMS for manufacturing #3 - Gyrus 

Gyrus makes manufacturing LMS easy to use, as your team is already doing a lot. The platform’s simple interface empowers members to explore the courses and features they want for their training.

LMS for manufacturing - Gyrus

This LMS for the manufacturing industry is customizable, allowing you to deliver training tailored to your team’s needs. Their gap and need analysis feature specifies courses for workplace challenges and improvements. 

Cost: Price available upon request. 

Key features: 

  • Certificates
  • Localization and disability service
  • Competency rating

LMS for manufacturing #4 - Levelup LMS 

Training management becomes convenient with Levelup LMS. With a powerful course management tool, you won’t have to worry about assigning and tracking training using the platform’s multiple tracks and set prerequisites. 

LMS for manufacturing - Levelup LMS

The application makes quiz and assessment development fast, so you can always be sure of standards and regulation compliance. It also encourages teamwork with the collaborative learning feature, creating better worksite morale and trust. 

Cost: Free (up to 5 users) 

Key features: 

  • Course creation 
  • Easy experience 
  • Data and reporting 

LMS for manufacturing #5 - iTacit 

iTacit automates training paths and experiences that deliver the right development for your members' roles and skill sets. The platform can also do the compliance work for you with its automatic enrollment, updates, and retraining. 

LMS for manufacturing - iTacit

You won’t have to set member roles yourself, as the platform’s database integration does all the training assignments. This LMS for manufacturing is perfect for large teams with many tasks, skills, and challenges to consider. 

Cost: Price available upon request. 

Key features: 

  • Mobile first training 
  • On-demand access 
  • Simple course builder 

LMS for manufacturing #6 - Totara 

Some learning management systems for manufacturing minimize work controls to reduce effort. But if you’re looking for a system that gives you full charge of training for specific results, Totara is a great choice. 

LMS for manufacturing - Totara

The platform gives you all the power with its wide range of management tools like course access keys and activity restrictions for controlled compliance. It also delivers course management that fulfills your complex goals and objectives for manufacturing training. 

Cost: Price available upon request. 

Key features: 

  • Competency-based paths 
  • Hierarchy filters
  • Assessment tools 

LMS for manufacturing #7 - Maple LMS 

Maple LMS brings powerful technologies that drive training to higher results. Their AI proctoring makes sure of honest compliance with its disabled transfer, face scanning, and behavior tracking. 

LMS for manufacturing - Maple LMS

The manufacturing LMS also houses adaptive learning features that customize and suggest trainee paths, depending on their progress. This platform focuses on spending more time delivering training, rather than planning it. 

Cost: Price available upon request 

Key features: 

  • Easy integrations 
  • Automated reporting 
  • Scalable platforms 

LMS for manufacturing #8 - Innform 

Facilitating and managing training for many employees can be overwhelming, with so many considerations. An LMS for manufacturing like Innform lightens the work. The platform’s group training management tool makes tracking multiple paths easy. 

LMS for manufacturing - Innform

Automate assignments, retraining, and access to avoid the hassle. To add more, the application offers interactive training that gets your team more involved. With better engagement, more employees can enjoy Innform’s certification. 

Cost: Starts at 1 GBP/user 

Key features: 

  • Assessments 
  • Version controls 
  • Storage for questions 

LMS for manufacturing #9 - Samelane 

Speaking of managing many employees for training, Samelane offers the power to address multiple plant site needs through track versioning. Close each team member’s knowledge gap with dedicated paths, reporting, and individual user tracking. 

LMS for manufacturing - Samelane

For more convenience, the platform lets you organize training data using course and user filters grouped by assignments. Filled with complete management capabilities, the LMS gives the right courses to the right people. 

Cost: Starts at 2.5 EUR/user 

Key features: 

  • Course and learning paths 
  • Review forms and surveys 
  • Personalized tracking dashboards 

LMS for manufacturing #10 - Eloomi 

With all the targeted and tailored training, the end goal is for your team to retain as many of the best manufacturing practices and skills learned. Eloomi delivers relevant data and analysis that helps employees remember their training when working. 

LMS for manufacturing - Eloomi

This program also helps knowledge retention through skill mapping employees throughout their manufacturing courses, so that training answers what they individually need to learn. 

Cost: Price available upon request 

Key features: 

  • Curated training from industry providers 
  • Automated training 
  • Simple, scalable training


Mackie Angat

Mackie Angat is a content specialist for SC Training, an employee training software that puts learning in the hands of everyone, everywhere. When he's not writing for the team, he lifts weights, discovers music artists and albums, watches old films, or supports his favorite sports teams.

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