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Microlearning Best Practices


August 9, 2018



Microlearning best practices

In this six-lesson course on microlearning best practices, we look at what goes into making good microlessons.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) App’s mobile LMS offers you a large versatile library of eLearning templates. Below, even we use some of them to help inform you how to use them!

Microlearning Best Practice #1 – Structuring a Microlesson

Microlearning Best Practice #2 – Recommended Duration and Frequency of Microlessons

Microlearning Best Practice #3 – Structure, Succinctness and Success

Microlearning Best Practice #4 – Unique Learning Objectives in Microlessons

Microlearning Best Practice #5 – Making Engaging Lessons

Microlearning Best Practice #6 – Review Lessons

Microlearning Best Practices

More on microlearning best practices

SC Training (formerly EdApp) App’s Mobile Learning Blog provides a wide array of articles that cover many eLearning-related topics. Whether they’re new templates or features within SC Training (formerly EdApp) App, ideas for lessons, thought leadership pieces or general information, we endeavour to include the latest and most important things that you need to know.

With this, we shall endeavour to illustrate how using a mobile LMS can revolutionise corporate training, retail training and education in general. At present, gathering a workforce together in order to perform training can be like herding cats! Using eLearning can mitigate this by allowing employees to train at their desk or elsewhere. However, the latest and greatest eLearning techniques involve embracing mobile learning and a mobile LMS. By leveraging the near-ubiquity of mobile smartphone ownership, you allow workers to learn on their own devices wherever they are – using microlearning-based microlessons. This makes training far more efficient (and comes at far less expense).

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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