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February 13, 2020



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Following the introduction of our new editable Content Library, the SC Training (formerly EdApp) learning team has been designing and curating a collection of 25 easily accessible courses (and counting). Within the library, authors are free to simply select, personalise, rebrand, and deploy lessons within minutes. 

Amongst other top courses that we think you’ll find the most useful, discover new courseware that covers the essentials of call center training titled: Call Center Customer Service. The incorporation of vital skills into your employee training strategy has never been easier with the adoption of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s completely free and newly developed Content Library.

What does Call Center Customer Service cover?

Access the new Call Center Customer Service courseware now and discover its lessons that include teaching the most important skills for seamless communication between the Customer Service Representative and clients. Ultimately, the courseware is designed to achieve the best customer success experiences. 

Within the Call Center Customer Service course, find the following lessons:

  • Preparing for Your Calls. This lesson includes a brief introduction, pointers on active listening, using professional language, and more.
  • Voice, Tone and Etiquette. Along with providing comprehensive definitions, this lesson outlines the importance and effects of speech. It also includes elements like being mindful of the customer’s time and choosing which responses might fit best in a given scenario.
  • Parts of a Call. By breaking down the structure of a call, this lesson defines and tackles the introduction, providing assistance with an issue, and ensuring that the call is ended after all the customer’s needs are met.
  • Holds and Transfers. This section is designed to teach the best way to approach holds and transfers. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s interactive slides define the different types of transfers along with the best practices and phrases.
  • Helping Difficult Customers. As the title of this lesson suggests, it teaches the best ways to approach difficult customers in a call center environment. Learners will find common scenarios and queues to watch out for in order to carry out a successful call. 

To ensure the courseware is effective, we have followed the proven microlearning structure of creating lessons to drive results. This includes sharing information in short bursts, resulting in maximum participation and retention rates for the learner. Elements of varied gamification are also introduced throughout the interactive lessons, along with spaced repetition to propel results and create better learning experiences. All the lessons found in the editable Content Library can act as a guide to quality content, providing a continuous resource to create and deploy superior courses and lessons from the industry’s leaders.

Call Center Customer Service

Why we created it

Editable lessons can now be smoothly integrated into your courseware, adding value to any L&D structure. Hosting popular content in the library such as cybersecurity, team cohesion, and problem-solving also enables authors to integrate lessons that they might not have otherwise included. 

Furthermore, having courseware that’s already created provides guidance to users of what makes for an effective course, enabling authors to deliver the best material to learners long-term.

Being a hybrid of specially-curated information and generic skills makes for a modern approach to our traditional content library, strengthening the learning experience for the success of your corporation. Access to these fully-customisable courses will enable authors to save time on content creation, allowing new content to be accessible to learners much quicker.

How to use the Editable Content Library

Easily find the Content Library under our ‘Courses’ menu. It is free and available now if you are ready to take the first step to enhance your content production.

Course Library

At SC Training (formerly EdApp), we are committed to growing the editable Content Library. New courses will be added and are subject to client demand, so if there are any additional lessons that you feel the SC Training (formerly EdApp) community could benefit from, please reach out to us at hello@edapp.com.


Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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