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Mobile Learning for Training Your Workforce


July 12, 2019



Mobile learning for training your workforce

Technological advances in our society are transforming the way that many businesses train their workforce. Today, we have the ability to access a wide range of information quickly and this trend is something that businesses are beginning to take advantage of. Mobile learning is a way to provide your workforce with a wide range of information about your business that will help them be better at their job and grow as individuals. Many employees want to feel that they are growing in their career and want to learn new things. With mobile learning the necessary information is easy to access, but you can provide them more information as well. Here are tips on implementing mobile learning for training your workforce.

Individualised Training

Say you have an employee that is getting paid by commission and they want to know how to increase their sales. With mobile learning, you can provide information about your products and services, special closing techniques and other information that can help them excel in their position. This will make more money for your company and for your staff.

Safety Training

Keeping your crew safe is important but safety training can really take up time and use up valuable resources. That is why you can conduct your safety training via a mobile learning module. This will not only save time, but it will provide your team with an easy way to continuously learn how to identify potential risks. Mandatory viewings of safety modules will ensure they always know what they need to do to stay safe. This has the added benefit of keeping down the costs associated with injuries.


Getting employees ready to start their first day of work doesn’t have to include an in-person orientation. Waiting to get started at a job is a difficult time for many people. Businesses are capitalizing on mobile learning to ensure they don’t lose their new hires before orientation day. Modules can acclimatise them with their position, provide tours of the facility, handle training needed for the first day and get them ready to work faster.

When it comes to mobile learning, more businesses today are seeing the potential for growth. They understand that if they able to provide consistent training for their employees, it will benefit them in the long run and give you better-trained and better-engaged employees.

Want to know more about using mobile learning for training your workforce?

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