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Welcoming the innovative New Plumbing Solutions to SC Training (formerly EdApp)


January 14, 2021



Welcoming the innovative New Plumbing Solutions to SC Training (formerly EdApp)

New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) has selected our platform with plans to train their dynamic group of over 100 employees on safety, compliance, policies, technical practices and much more. In what’s often considered a traditional industry, NPS prides itself on being innovators in their field, by prioritising their strong cultural identity and putting their people first.

New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) training with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

As industry leaders, NPS is made up of professionals with a clear vision to deliver exceptional service to their customers in every capacity. Since 2009, NPS provides high-quality safety-first plumbing and maintenance along with civil works for water and sewerage to both government and commercial customers. With a strong working culture, NPS ensures they are progressive, responsive, and have pride in delivering the highest quality to every customer.

The introduction of SC Training (formerly EdApp) will help us seamlessly reach our employees at scale. The platform is incredibly easy to use which means we can easily create and deploy training courses to all of our employees and we also have the confidence that every employee will complete the content through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s analytics tools. Many of our employees are on-site, so having content that’s mobile-accessible is a huge advantage, and since we also have a wide range of experience and learning styles, the customisation that SC Training (formerly EdApp) provides has been fantastic.
–Aaron Malcolmson, Head of Safety, Compliance & Training, New Plumbing Solutions

NPS trains its employees on everything from mastering technical skills, safety practices, and customer service principles. Our platform gives NPS the freedom to create lessons quickly, allowing for real-time edits and deployment at scale. Since many employees are working on-site, SC Training (formerly EdApp) enables NPS’ employees to easily access an unlimited amount of training content straight from their smartphones – whenever they like.

We’re thrilled that SC Training (formerly EdApp) will help NPS to maintain their high level of excellence through mobile training. Since NPS is introducing our mobile-first microlearning platform, it’s great to see the ease at which all their employees can complete training on topics like safety and policies straight from their mobile devices. Welcome, NPS!
–Darren Winterford, CEO, SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Welcome, New Plumbing Solutions!


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