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OrderYOYO, modern tech company, finds success in training excellence with SC Training (formerly EdApp)


March 23, 2021



OrderYOYO finds success in training with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

OrderYOYO, a modern tech company that empowers independent takeaway restaurants to grow, has today announced they have selected our platform to support their rapidly growing internal teams in onboarding and customer support. The tech service company recognises high expectations around online ordering culture and leads the way in supporting local takeaway restaurants to take back control of their business. 

OrderYOYO empowers local businesses all over the UK and Europe to attain independence, navigate, and succeed as a takeaway restaurant in the new normal of takeaway vendors and business models. Independent takeaway businesses were already growing in popularity but experienced a decided peak as a result of COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdowns around the globe. To help ensure excellence and continuous support to their growing internal team, OrderYOYO will be training over one hundred employees on a range of topical content, which can be accessed via a mobile device.

As the organisation continues to grow, OrderYOYO selected the award-winning microlearning platform, SC Training (formerly EdApp), to help train internally on vital content like branding and customer support.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) revolutionized the way OrderYOYO does training and learning

Since SC Training (formerly EdApp) enables simple course creation and distribution, OrderYOYO can quickly create world-class content, make real-time edits and deploy at scale. The mobile-accessible learning platform has the option to create courses from scratch or choose from an extensive library of ready-made content. Because of this, SC Training (formerly EdApp) matches OrderYOYO’s approach in technical innovation and ease of use that delivers results. 

Eva Yvonne Dang, People & Culture Manager, OrderYOYO said, With the introduction of SC Training (formerly EdApp), we can ensure that all of our employees are equipped with the best tools to carry out their roles with confidence. We’ve also found SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s customisation and innovative capabilities to be a huge draw. Since we pride ourselves on providing the best service at OrderYOYO, we needed a platform that could meet our high expectations in tech and reflect our focus on a truly bespoke experience for both our internal staff and our Restaurant Partners. Darren Winterford, CEO, SC Training (formerly EdApp) said, OrderYOYO is a perfect fit for SC Training (formerly EdApp), with their need to deliver beautiful, personalised training content quickly and easily. Our unique built-in tools like a free, world-class course library and our PowerPoint converter which transforms PPT slides into beautiful and effective training lessons, is what helps to support agile and high-performing companies like OrderYOYO.

Since the content is delivered in microlessons, they can be completed in as little as 5 or 10 minutes, adapting to each OrderYOYO employee’s individual learning preference. The organisation can also ensure consistency and easily incentivize employees with built-in prizing, all of which can be managed from SC Training (formerly EdApp).


Deni Verklan

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