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What is OSHA compliance training: Requirements, tools, courses


June 4, 2024



OSHA Compliance Training

Safety must be the priority in every workplace regardless of the industry that you work in. Employees should be aware of the daily hazards that they may encounter at work and the right action to take in case an accident occurs. This article will give you the basics of OSHA compliance training and the right tools you can take advantage of. 

OSHA compliance training

What is OSHA compliance training?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is a federal agency that focuses on the health and safety of workers in the United States. To ensure that safety is implemented in every workplace, employers should adhere to OSHA standards through compliance training. 

This type of training tackles the different safety issues that frontline workers may encounter in their environment – especially those in construction, agriculture, medical, and maritime industries. No matter your industry, it’s important to accomplish the OSHA-required annual training to refresh your knowledge of the mandated regulations and standards. 

Why is OSHA training important?

OSHA compliance training ensures that workers are in a safe environment and aware of the preventative measures against illnesses, injuries, and accidents. More than that, fewer work accidents mean that companies save money by remaining OSHA-compliant. 

At the same time, the training can improve employee productivity and retention, increase profitability, and lessen legal risks. OSHA compliance can be achieved through enforcing proper safety standards and implementing inspections. Nowadays, it’s easy to prove you’re compliant by obtaining an OSHA certification online.

What are the OSHA compliance training requirements?

There are training requirements that every workplace must comply with annually to ensure the health and safety of workers. If you need an OSHA-required training checklist, then, you’ve come the right way. 

Hazard Communication

This training is meant for workers to know the hazardous chemicals they may be exposed to on the job. All chemicals must be properly labeled and introduced to the workers handling them. 

  • Who needs it: Workers dealing with or are exposed to hazardous chemicals/substances, including chemical handlers, lab and medical technicians, construction workers, warehouse crew, environmental health and safety (EHS) officers, and more.
  • Industries: Manufacturing, general industries, construction, laboratories, healthcare, janitorial services, etc.

Emergency Action Plan

The emergency plan is an important part of the OSHA compliance checklist and should be presented to workers so that they can review it and apply it during an emergency. 

  • Who needs it: All workers on-site must be aware of the emergency plan in case one occurs, especially those who have a part in emergency response. 
  • Industries: Construction, manufacturing, general industries, healthcare, etc. 

Fire Safety

A fire prevention plan is a mandatory OSHA standard to educate your workers on the prevention and protection in case of a fire on the work site. 

  • Who needs it: Workers who work around machinery and equipment should be aware of fire safety protocols like using a fire extinguisher. Overuse of machinery can lead to overheating or static electricity which can ultimately lead to a fire incident at work. 
  • Industries: Manufacturing, construction, clothing industry, production, etc. 

First Aid

Workplace injuries are unavoidable, so employees need to know how to use first aid supplies when required. 

  • Who needs it: Every worker should be aware of the right first aid protocol and standards in case it occurs in the workplace. Knowing first aid can save someone’s life or lessen the repercussions of the injury. It’s mostly important for workers who constantly use machines and heavy equipment 
  • Industries: Construction, production, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. 

Evacuation Plan

An orderly evacuation is needed in cases of emergencies, so employees need to know the safest way to leave the workplace through the exit routes.

  • Who needs it: Workers who work onsite, especially in tall buildings or warehouses must know the evacuation plan for emergencies. They should know the exit routes at work to know how to leave the building during fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies. 
  • Industries: Manufacturing, healthcare, clothing industry, etc.

Working Surfaces

Falls are one of the leading causes of work injuries and deaths, so to protect workers, there should be proper harnesses, guardrails, and fall-protection systems enforced at the workplace.  

  • Who needs it: Workers especially in construction sites should have proper working surfaces training because they are susceptible to fall accidents from working on buildings with temporary platforms and ladders. 
  • Industries: Construction 

5 Best tools for compliance training 

SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a leading LMS platform that aims to simplify safety training for frontline workers. It offers OSHA-compliant training courses that can be found in its expansive course library. You can even import your own course content or look through the pre-made safety courses with topics that range from warehouse safety to harassment prevention. 

SC Training - Course library

More than that, you can easily personalize your OSHA compliance training by including your branding or company logo through its creator tool. Enhancing the courses has never been easier through images, quizzes, assessments, and more. 

SC Training - Creator Tool

As an employer, it’s also important to keep track of your organization's training and this is made easier through the platform’s reporting and analytics feature. You’ll need less time and effort in managing your team’s training performance. 

SC Training - Analytics


360training is another regulatory compliance training platform for different industries from healthcare to real estate. It offers more than 6,000 courses to individuals and organizations for a safer and healthier workplace.

OSHA Compliance Training - 360training

It has individual course packages like the OSHA 10-hour construction course about the OSHA 29 CFR 1926 standards. 

OSHA Education Center

OSHA Education Center is a training platform that focuses entirely on OSHA compliance courses. It offers paid packages like 10-hour training for construction that are designed specifically for workers in industries like construction, building development, and more. 

OSHA Compliance Training - OSHA Education Center


OSHA.com is another online training platform that specializes in safety courses for frontline workers. You can select from their course collection that includes forklift training, confined space training, and more. They also offer packages of 10-hour and 30-hour training programs. 

OSHA Compliance Training - OSHA.com


OSHAcademy is another go-to OSHA-compliant training platform that makes learning easy. It covers those in the healthcare industry, as well as construction, business, public sector, oil and gas, and more. It also offers business solutions like training certificates and training progress trackers for hassle-free employee management. 

OSHA Compliance Training - OSHAcademy

5 Recommended OSHA training courses 

OSHA for Workers (US) 

This course by SC Training covers the basics of OSHA standards – from worker’s rights and responsibilities to inspections. This occupational health and safety training aims to educate workers on how they can remain protected while working at a construction site.

Workers must understand the possibility of injuries and risks for illnesses from their worksite or chemicals to be handled. 

General Safety and Health Provisions (US)

This SC Training course focuses on the safety and health regulations mandated by the OSHA standards. It’s informational training for employers to maintain a safe work environment for their employees with the right emergency procedures set in place.

This is one of the most important OSHA compliance training topics that should be applied in every workplace. 

Workers Compensation (US)

Employers must keep a safe environment for their workers as ordered by OSHA standards. This course includes lessons about the worker’s compensation program for those who experienced accidents and occupational illnesses from performing their jobs.

These workers are entitled to benefits such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, wage replacement, and more. 

OSHA First Aid Training and Standards

Surely, accidents are inevitable when working on the frontline, so every worker needs to know basic first aid for emergencies. Some actions and decisions must be made on the spot to save someone’s life or prevent bigger health damage.

This course includes lessons on the standards, risks, and appropriate responses during such emergencies. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction

This SC Training course centers on the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while working at a construction site. When workers are dressed appropriately, it can help serve as another line of defense against work hazards. 

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