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Global wine and spirits leader Pernod Ricard joins Educate All to help empower hospitality industry post-COVID-19


June 3, 2020



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As a dedicated group on a mission to increase access to practical, free, and high-quality education, we are thrilled to welcome Pernod Ricard, who has joined our Educate All mission, in partnership with UNITAR. As a leader in the global wine and spirits space, Pernod Ricard comes from decades of excellence and experience, with a wealth of hospitality knowledge to share.

Like SC Training (formerly EdApp), Pernod Ricard is passionate about democratizing learning, which is why they have provided invaluable courseware to our global library, which is available now and completely free for millions to take.

The hospitality industry in COVID-19

Most industries have obviously been hit hard as a result of COVID-19 and its devastating effects. Arguably one of the most affected industries has been hospitality, where countless venues have attempted to adapt by providing takeaway options and others forced to temporarily close throughout the pandemic. Pernod Ricard saw an opportunity to help by creating invaluable courseware designed to support and rebuild the vibrant industry post-pandemic.

In collaboration with their Sustainability & Responsibility group, Trash Tiki, and The Sustainable Restaurant Association, Pernod Ricard created “The Bar World of Tomorrow”. This collection of world-class lessons covers all aspects of sustainability and responsibility from fresh ingredient use to responsible service of alcoholic beverages to waste management. The courseware focuses on key learnings that the bartending community can prepare for the future of the industry.

Sustainability and the future of hospitality

To recover and thrive in the hospitality industry moving forward, many argue that venues and organizations should avoid “going back to normal.” This means that hospitality operators could have the opportunity to evaluate and challenge what has been the norm, making room for a brighter and even stronger industry than before. This is where sustainability comes in.

Vanessa Wright, VP of Sustainability and Responsibility at Pernod Ricard said, “The COVID-19 crisis has hit the hospitality industry hard. It is a time to prepare for the future we wish to achieve, one that is prosperous for the planet, its people, and its communities.” She continued, “The course is available worldwide and targets both bartenders and bar owners to educate them on sustainable and responsible practices for a greener and more inclusive future: The Bar World of Tomorrow.”
Global wine and spirits leader Pernod Ricard joins SC Training (formerly EdApp) Educate All

Like every course found in the library of free lessons, “The Bar World of Tomorrow” courseware also directly aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although the microlearning courseware is designed for the hospitality industry, it also includes practical tips for anyone with an interest in sustainability and a willingness to learn. Along with hundreds of other free courses found in our library, Pernod Ricard’s contribution is providing powerful content that will help all kinds of hospitality venues and workers around the world, post COVID-19 and beyond.

Our CEO, Darren Winterford, noted, “This is exactly the way we envisaged the initiative being used by industry leaders, increasing access to free, critical and relevant training. In this case for the entire hospitality industry to benefit from.”

We are thrilled that Educate All is growing to help continuously deliver positive resources for industries like hospitality. 

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Take “The Bar World of Tomorrow” free courseware on SC Training (formerly EdApp).


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