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July 14, 2020




We are thrilled to introduce our new PowerPoint transformation tool.


We’re all aware that PowerPoint (PPT) can sometimes be a bit of a hazard in the workplace, especially when it comes to training. With this in mind, we make switching over to SC Training (formerly EdApp) a breeze by automatically converting your rusty old slide decks into beautiful, mobile microlessons.

Is PowerPoint training a thing of the past?

Despite being around since 1987 and producing 30 million presentations daily, Microsoft PowerPoint isn’t the most optimal tool for etraining. Backed by the likes of Forbes and Harvard University research, PPT has been rated as no better than verbal presentations with no visual aids. When you think about training and how much it’s evolved from the 1980s to today, don’t you think the vessel to translate this important training should also evolve?

Why training on PowerPoint can be harmful to learners

Aside from appearing outdated and clunky, there are three main reasons why you should consider moving away from training on PPT from a learning perspective.

First, slides are presented in an oversimplified way, often backed by little evidence which discourages complex thinking. While microlearning also involves the breakdown of information into small, bite-sized chunks, microlessons hosted on SC Training (formerly EdApp) incorporate interactive elements throughout any given lesson. This can range from elements of gamification, true or false statements, filling in the blanks, and more, all designed to reinforce and concepts and promote the application of the content at hand.

Second, PPT notoriously slides lack visual stimulation and variation. Sure, you can incorporate static images or links to external videos here and there, but there’s no easy way to effectively modernize learning content in a dated platform. Unlike PPT, SC Training (formerly EdApp) inspires highly-visual and interactive media elements, incorporated right into the rapid authoring tool. In fact, beautiful images and videos can be created from SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s incorporated Canva button, without having to leave the learning platform.

Lastly, PPT slides leave little room for application, meaning concepts are less likely to be embedded into long term memory, and resulting in forgetting the content almost immediately. Microlearning in the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform means that content is automatically spaced out and repeated through Brain Boost spaced repetition app. This feature not only ensures that content is revisited until it’s mastered, but it also does it in a subtle and completely automated way, based on the highly-regarded Supermemo SM-2 interval algorithm. This gives learners the opportunity to master concepts and apply what they’ve learned in challenging and interactive microlessons.

Why training on PowerPoint can be harmful to learners

Transform to microlessons in 4 easy steps

  1. Sign up (or sign in) to SC Training (formerly EdApp). Once you’ve logged into your account, navigate to your ‘Courses’, found under the Courseware dropdown.
  2. Upload. Upload PPT slide decks of your choice to be converted. You will then be prompted to enter a course title (your topic) and lesson title (located within your course) for your new and improved microlessons.
  3. Browse. From there, have the option to browse our free library that’s full of editable, world-class courseware for you to incorporate into your training.
  4. Train. Finally, select and invite your cohorts, deploy your microlessons and you’re done!

This PPT feature is completely free and available for your use, meaning you can upload as many PPT presentations as you like and convert them into sleek and effective SC Training (formerly EdApp) microlessons.

Learn more about the PPT converter here.

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Transform to microlessons in 4 easy steps


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