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12 Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives


May 26, 2022



Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives

Quizlet Flashcards are fun learning tools to use with your team. You can turn your learning sessions into flashcard quiz bees to make them more engaging to your learners.

However, you may get bored after a few quizzes and memorization from Quizlet Flashcards. Other than its fun testing style, this platform doesn’t offer a lot of other features.

If you’re looking for Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives, we’ve rounded up a list of our top 10 for you:

1. Rapid Refresh by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Rapid Refresh by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Rapid Refresh is SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s very own Quizlet flashcards alternative – designed to help you engage your learners, reinforce elearning concepts, improve retention rates, and track their overall performance. SC Training (formerly EdApp) as a Software as a Service (SaaS), you can rest assured that it won’t take up space on your company server. 

With its simple dashboard and user interface, you can develop dynamic and aesthetically appealing training tests in seconds and distribute them in minutes.

To make a quiz, just enter your test questions and possible answers into the training tool’s user-friendly spreadsheet template. Rapid Refresh will then automate your information into well-designed gamified assessments, which you can subsequently send straight to the mobile devices of your learners on a daily or weekly basis. You can also deploy all of the quizzes at once, or randomize the delivery schedule. 

This Quizlet Flashcards alternative provides an easy platform for conducting pre-tests to examine the level of knowledge of your teams on a certain topic. It can be used to reinforce critical information such as corporate updates and to identify skill and knowledge gaps. Its analytics features also allow you to track staff performance and respond to reports in real time.

Along with quiz features, SC Training (formerly EdApp) also has ready-made courses that you can share with your team after they’ve completed their quizzes. They focus on a variety of course subjects, including, among many others,cyber security, leadership and sales, healthcare, and electrician courses.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users); contact for custom pricing

Features: Rapid refresh, In-app branding and customization, reports, and analytics, template library


2. Kahoot!

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Kahoot

Kahoot! is a game-based online Quizlet flashcards alternative that uses colorful images and gamification components to increase interest. The “kahoots” quizzes can be accessed via a web browser or mobile app.

Aside from quizzes with the conventional multiple choice test, Kahoot! also has numerous question styles, such as “type answer,” in which participants must type in their responses to assess their grasp of a certain topic.

Quizzes can be answered in real-time by a group of “players,” or they can be established as a self-paced task to be completed asynchronously.

With the free tier, you can design kahoots and assign them as self-paced challenges to up to ten participants, but you can only host kahoots with up to three players.

One of the disadvantages of Kahoot! is you will need to invest in a subscription plan to obtain access to extra features and raise the number of participants for your quizzes. In addition, the manner in which quizzes are administered may appear too casual in some professional contexts compared to many LMS alternatives to Kahoot.

Cost: 204 USD/year per host

Features: Colorful visuals and attractive interface, interactive game-based format, multiple game templates


3. Typeform

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Typeform

Typeform is a Quizlet flashcards alternative that provides editable templates for creating vocabulary-based quizzes. The quiz creator helps you to increase employee participation by allowing you to customize the backgrounds, fonts, colors, and buttons.

To make your vocabulary tests more visually appealing for your quiz takers, use media content such as videos, symbols, and photographs. You don’t need coding experience to change the look of your quizzes.

They’ve also included a drag-and-drop builder, which makes creating quizzes quicker and faster. Integration with Google Sheets, Salesforce, Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, and Hubspot is also available.

Typeform is fantastic, however, it offers restricted learning options for your trainees. It is preferable to utilize it mostly for assessment rather than for knowledge retention engagement. Before you begin assessing knowledge, you may need to get an LMS that aids learning.

Cost: 25-83 USD/month

Features: Test maker, survey maker, form maker, customization, integration


4. Flexiquiz

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - FlexiQuiz

Create, publish, and analyze online tests effortlessly with FlexiQuiz. This powerful Quizlet flashcards alternative is perfect for individuals, teachers, and businesses who want to provide their learners with a fun and engaging learning experience.

All the features are easy to use and require no coding or design experience, so you won’t need to worry about creating quiz content from scratch. Just choose from formatting options and nine types of question templates including multiple choice question, picture choice, essay, short answer, matching, or fill-in-the-blanks. You can also make your tests more interesting by using media such as GIFs, photos, videos, and music.

Keep in mind that the free edition of this online test creator software does not enable you to remove the FlexiQuiz logo. The logo removal and branding features are only available once you upgrade to their paid subscription.

Cost: Starts at 15 USD per month

Features: Multiple questions formats and templates, Ability to add GIFs, images, videos, and audio


5. Easytestmaker

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Easytestmaker

Easytestmaker is an online Quizlet flashcards alternative that lives up to its name because of its ease of use. It includes various question categories such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true-false.

It also includes an exam builder, which allows you to copy questions from other quizzes or your question pool without having to perform any manual effort. 

Constructing quizzes is a snap because this quiz software’s strategy is based on creating structured exams, which eliminates the time spent on modifying and editing.

However, you can only publish online tests with a maximum of 25 results recorded at once.

Cost: 59.95 USD/year

Features: Easy to use interface, Exam builder, Formatted tests


6. PaperShala

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - PaperShala

PaperShala is a sophisticated Quizlet flashcards alternative that provides one-stop access to many online examination features such as a versatile question bank, learner registration system, test scheduling choices, rapid report cards, and so on.

One significant advantage of this tech is that learners do not have to worry about connectivity difficulties when taking examinations because responses are stored immediately and can be resumed at any time. Exams can also be taken using any desktop or mobile device, making them even more convenient.

Learners can easily view their test scores, class ranking, and overall performance using the tools’ student dashboard function. Teachers, on the other hand, can control all examination processes using PaperShala’s complete admin interface.

Cost: Starts at 1.5 USD per year per user

Features: Resume exam feature, Multifunctional question bank, Student dashboard, Mobile-friendly


7. Riddle

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Riddle

Riddle is an online Quizlet flashcards alternative more commonly used for lead generation and market research. However, organizations can also take advantage of Riddle and its quiz creator features.

With 15 different types of quizzes to choose from, you have more room to flexibly customize your quizzes according to what you need. It also contains a template library to select in case creating quizzes from scratch isn’t your thing.

A downside is that the templates on Riddle aren’t updated with the latest L&D trends. The designs are a bit outdated and can look like something from 2010. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to subscribe to their paid plans to fully style your quizzes to make them more visually appealing and engaging.

Cost: 39 USD/month

Features: GDPR-compliant, wide selection of quiz types


8. Interact

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Interact

With Interact’s online Quizlet flashcards alternative, you can create an unlimited number of quizzes. You can choose among Personality, Scored, and Assessment quiz types, with over 800 pre-made quizzes that you can edit and customize to your liking.

Because it’s primarily intended for gathering leads, Interact might feel restricted due to the limited amount of question options. Additionally, sophisticated analytics and integrations are available exclusively at the subscription levels. However, if you’re seeking an online quiz generator that allows you to design as many quizzes as you want and deliver to any number of users, Interact will suffice.

Cost: 17 USD/month

Features: unlimited quiz creation and completion, GDPR-compliant, customizable templates


9. Outgrow

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Outgrow

Outgrow allows you to make quizzes that can be integrated on multiple platforms. It’s relatively easy to use with its ready-made templates there to guide you in your quiz creation. Their drag-and-drop builder lessens the time you need to create your own tests, so you can focus on the content rather than the design.

Stock images are available already on the platform so you won’t have to worry about providing your own media. In case you do want to upload your own media files, Outgrow supports gif and video files too.

One thing to note about Outgrow, however, is that it’s mainly used for marketing. The features are made in order to increase company leads or to engage with their current customers. This platform isn’t ideal for those looking for quiz makers focused on learning and development.

Cost: 600 USD

Features: drag-and-drop builder, template library, stock images


10. Brainscape

Quizlet Flashcards Alternatives - Brainscape

Brainscape allows learners to review just about any topic. You can create your own classrooms and flashcard decks for your learners to use. You can also access over a million cards created by users along with some professionally created quizzes. A wide range of topics is available and both you and your learners should be able to find something of relevance or interest. 

As a tool for learning new concepts, Brainscape is a bit too similar to Quizlet Flashcards, however. Its software is designed mainly for reviewing previously learned concepts and not much else. 

A free account only offers a limited amount of features compared to a paid account, such as limited templates, media storage, and importing of CSVs. A paid account also provides more privacy for you and your learners – along with the ability to track your trainees’ progress and access thousands of more cards. 

Cost: Free

Features: Flashcard decks, template library, quiz maker


11. Proprofs Quiz Maker 

Quizlet Flashcards Alternative - Proprofs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker offers one of the most extensive tools as a Quizlet Flashcard alternative. This assessment program includes a vast quiz library with over a million ready-to-use questions and 100+ professionally-designed training tests, as well as the ability to generate over 15 different sorts of questions. ProProfs also features an outstanding reporting system with visual analytics. It also offers the ability to manage, customize, and secure your assessments with over 100 parameters.


12. Edbase

Quizlet Flashcards Alternative - Edbase

Edbase is an easy-to-use Quizlet Flashcards alternative that allows you to construct assessments in just a few minutes. Drag and drop things from your collection of questions to your quizzes and rearrange them in whatever way you choose. It comes with a question editor, so you can add photos and videos for more difficult topics. You can create a time limit, randomize questions, and even lock learners’ screens to encourage honesty. Edbase has a free plan that allows for 10 applicants and 20 exam attempts each month.


SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile learning management system designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective micro-learning directly to learners anytime and anywhere.

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