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10 Sales Training Methods


March 24, 2023



Sales Training Methods

To stay ahead of the competition and consistently hit targets, it's important to have a range of effective sales training methods in place. In this article, we’ll look at sales training methods that you can use to help your teams succeed in their roles.

1. Product knowledge training

To create competent salespeople, you’ll first need them to know your product from the inside out. When you have a team who’s knowledgeable about your product or service, it’ll be easy for them to answer any questions that clients and customers may have. Putting a spotlight on your product’s features, benefits, and advantages will also be an easy task. Product knowledge training makes them capable of creating value since they’re equipped to give tailored solutions and make suggestions to cater to a client’s unique needs.

Sales Training Method - Product knowledge training course creator

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2. Microlearning

With all the information salespeople have to remember, there’s a high chance that training won’t stick and can be easily forgotten. Enter microlearning! With this sales training method, key concepts are turned into bite-sized, digestible content that can be easily understood and remembered. By delivering short, focused but meaningful content, information overload can be avoided so learners won’t be overwhelmed. Microlearning content can be quickly created and delivered at scale, which is perfect for a fast-changing environment like sales.

Sales Training Method - Microlearning

With a microlearning platform like SC Training (formerly EdApp), learners can access short courses from their smartphones whenever they have a few minutes to spare-- whether it's during a break, a meeting, or a commute.

3. On the job training

If you’d like your sales team to learn the ropes by having them perform their duties while learning, then on the job training is the perfect sales training method to use. Teaching employees and making sure that they have all the knowledge and abilities needed for the job falls to experienced coworkers or higher-ups. Aside from giving instructions, they’ll be in charge of coaching, giving feedback, and evaluating performance. As everything is done in real-time, an employee can make improvements on the fly and apply feedback to improve their performance.

Sales Training Method - On the job training

4. Roleplaying

With roleplaying, employees are given certain roles to act on and a scenario to work with. For example, one can act as a salesperson while the other is a customer or client. With this method, they can practice and improve their communication skills, try their hand at a specific approach, or apply different sales techniques they’ve learned.

Sales Training Method - Roleplaying

You can create specific scenarios, such as examples from your sales funnel or common situations. It’s also a great way to practice handling tough situations, such as overcoming objections and handling conflicts, which can be difficult to navigate without any prior experience. The more realistic it is, the better. This is one of the top sales training techniques that help employees deal with real-world situations which a training manual can’t prepare them with.

5. Case study analysis

While personal experience can be a great teacher, learning from others’ experiences is also an effective way to learn. This is where case studies come in as part of your sales training. Here, you can choose a certain case study for your readers to examine and then discuss what works and what doesn’t.

Sales Training Method - Case study analysis

By studying real-life examples, they can recognize mistakes to avoid or pick up good techniques which they can then apply to their own sales efforts. Case studies can also demonstrate how a particular problem can be solved and can inspire them to do their best work.

6. Video training

Video training can be a powerful sales training method since it can motivate salespeople, reinforce important ideas, and show specific sales approaches in action. Videos are nifty since they’re easily accessible and can be replayed as many times as needed to reinforce concepts.

Sales Training Method - Video training

It’s a great way to show the application of different sales techniques and demonstrations as opposed to just reading static texts. This is best used for consistency and ideal for training content that doesn’t change quickly over time.

7. Mentoring

With mentoring, employees can receive targeted instruction and feedback from a senior or more experienced team member. New salespeople can be paired with tenured mentors to receive dedicated guidance and support as they navigate the sales process. Here, mentors can share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices. They’ll also be responsible for tracking performance and progress, as well as delivering feedback on areas for improvement.

Sales Training Method - Mentoring

8. Classroom training

Despite the option to learn remotely, there are times when training a sales team in a physical location still works best depending on the topic or objective. With an organized and structured setting, learners can fully focus on their training and, at the same time, collaborate with peers.

Sales Training Method - Classroom training

To reap the full benefits of classroom training, it’s best mixed with other methods and activities and not as a one-off session. Aside from an instructor teaching lessons to learners, incorporating group work, delivering quizzes, and including presentations can also be a part of your training program.

9. Correspondence learning

Correspondence learning is a sales training method that involves using written or electronic materials to deliver training content to learners who aren’t physically present in a traditional classroom. This sales training method can be used to give sales professionals access to training materials, such as sales manuals, product guides, and training videos. 

Sales Training Method - Correspondence learning

Correspondence learning can also be used to deliver assessments and quizzes to evaluate a learner’s understanding of the training materials. It’s a flexible and convenient way to train those who may not have the time or resources to attend traditional classroom training sessions. It’s also suitable for teams that are in different locations with no common time for training.

10. CRM training

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training is a sales training method that teaches salespeople how to use CRM systems to improve the sales process. In this team sales training, they’ll discover how CRMs can give them a range of tools and functionalities to boost efficiency and sales performance.

If you want to learn more about mobile CRM and its importance for businesses, employees, and customers, check out this comprehensive guide on "What is Mobile CRM? A Comprehensive Guide." It provides valuable insights into managing important data in real-time and enhancing business operations on the go.

Sales Training Method - CRM training

It covers topics, such as customer segmentation, sales forecasting, lead management, customer communication, reporting and analysis, and system integration. By educating your teams on how to use these tools, hitting targets, increasing revenue, and customer satisfaction can be achieved in no time.


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