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10 Soft Skills Training Topics


October 21, 2022



Soft Skills Training Topics

No matter what field your employees may be in – whether in a technical role or not – everyone needs to have the proper soft skills to get ahead. Soft skills help them improve their professional relationships and get things done faster. If you’re looking for soft skills training topics, below are some of our suggestions for you.

1. Sales

Sales skills are often only attributed to sales professionals. But, each of your employees actually sells things every day: ideas, projects, products, etc. They may not be selling it to an external party from your organization, but they are selling these things to their leaders, co-workers, and stakeholders. That’s why this soft skills training topic is important for everyone in your organization.

Soft Skills Training Topic - Sales

Training their sales skills will allow them to negotiate with their leaders better, get projects done faster, and interact with their coworkers better. If you’re looking for sales training courses, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course library has a ton of options for you. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s sales training courses cover various topics such as closing deals, planning sales calls, and knowing their market.

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2. Communication

Communication is a soft skills training topic that teaches your team how to properly relay information while being careful of their tone and delivery. Improving this skill among your team members will increase their confidence in expressing and conveying their views and ideas. It’ll also help avoid conflict at work and misunderstandings with coworkers or clients. Being able to communicate effectively is critical to maintaining a happy but constructive work environment, regardless of industry.

Soft Skills Training Topic - Communication

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has a ton of communication skills training courses available in their course library that work great as soft skills exercises. What makes these courses stand out above the rest is their mobile learning feature. Your busybodies can take these communication training programs while on the go, in between meetings, or in the comfort of their homes.

3. Leadership

Soft Skills Training Topic - Leadership

Although not everyone is born a leader, you can train your employees to become one. Leadership is a crucial skill to have, no matter your employees’ hierarchical level. By training them with this soft skills training topic, you can build leaders with successful and appropriate management styles for your teams. By doing this, leaders and workers alike can develop strategies, communicate more effectively, and make stronger connections with coworkers and clients.

4. Productivity

Soft Skills Training Topic - Productivity

Productivity is all about figuring out ways to maximize the time your team has and getting as much work done as possible. As a soft skills training topic, your learners will learn how to minimize distractions and procrastination by developing routines they can stick to. They’ll also learn how to use productivity tools and other tips. This way, they won’t get quickly overwhelmed with extra jobs or obligations and get more tasks done faster and better.

5. Stress management

Soft Skills Training Topic - Stress management

Fatigue and stress have become more widespread and, sadly, normalized issues, particularly in fast-paced sectors with tight deadlines and high customer demands. This is true even in sectors that need long hours of service. If they aren’t handled quickly, they can affect cognitive and physiological functioning, sometimes resulting in permanent disability and long-term mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Aside from controlling their workload to decrease stress, training them on this soft skills training topic can help people build good coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques.

6. Project management

Soft Skills Training Topic - Project management

Another key soft skills training topic is project management, which will teach your team how to manage and finish tasks with a more systematic approach. They’ll be more efficient in planning tasks and completing them on schedule. Additionally, training your learners’ project management skills will help them to shift their focus to the most important activities while remaining efficient with administrative work.

7. Diversity

Soft Skills Training Topic - Diversity

Diversity training is critical for reducing workplace discrimination, breaking unconscious bias, and promoting equality. Because of their diverse histories, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, beliefs, habits, and attitudes, each employee brings a unique perspective to your organization. These differences might lead to misunderstandings and poor collaboration. That’s why this soft skills training topic is important to include in your employee training program. Training your employees on diversity can help avoid misunderstandings and conflict and create better working relationships.

8. Critical thinking

Soft Skills Training Topic - Critical thinking

Critical thinking encourages employees to tackle challenges rationally and methodically. With this soft skills training topic, your team will learn how to find solutions by looking at the big picture, relying on facts, and challenging ideas until they get to the core of the issue. Rather than forming assumptions, they’ll be able to identify the best ideas and solutions to work and organizational problems.

9. Active listening

Soft Skills Training Topic - Active listening

Active listening is a soft skills training topic that allows your team to pay full attention to a customer without interrupting before answering meaningfully. By honing this skill, you’ll be able to effectively hear and understand your client’s concerns and demands. People who seek help or have concerns need to feel validated about their issues, which is why an industry like customer service needs to encourage active listening. This increases consumer satisfaction, which leads to a stronger sense of trust and connection.

10. Empathy

Soft Skills Training Topic - Empathy

Empathy is the capacity to see and understand challenges and pain points from someone else’s perspective. Training your learners on this soft skills training topic allows them to tune in to their coworkers’ or clients’ vocal and nonverbal signals and acknowledge their sentiments, fears, and frustrations. This allows them to be more sympathetic and sensitive while dealing with their concerns. As a consequence, they’ll be able to focus on giving their coworker or client advice and solutions. Empathy can also help them create stronger working relationships with anyone they deal with.


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