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Number one pub, The Farmer’s Boy, challenges traditional training methods with SC Training (formerly EdApp)


April 14, 2021



Number one pub, The Farmer’s Boy, challenges traditional training methods with mobile learning platform SC Training (formerly EdApp)

The Farmer’s Boy Pub has introduced our award-winning mobile learning platform to train and support their internal team. The modern form of training challenges traditional training methods in the hospitality industry, resulting in better learning experiences and results. 

The Farmer’s Boy is a fully refurbished pub located in the heart of Hertford, lead by a passionate team that keeps both locals and visitors coming back for more. The quintessential pub offers high-quality dining paired with fine ales, spirits, and more. The pub leads the way in quality and service, lead by the father and son team, Kevin and Mitch, who have been running the venue since 2017.

The Farmer's Boy Pub

Why and how did The Farmer's Boy adopt new learning methods during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As The Farmer’s Boy quickly adapted to the new COVID-19 climate and prepares for growth, the leading pub chose our platform to support their staff and to ensure the number one pub is consistently achieving excellence across the board. The pub selected SC Training (formerly EdApp) because of its intuitive platform, giving The Farmer’s Boy the option to easily create bespoke training courses from scratch or select from a wide range of ready-made courses that they can easily edit, brand, and deploy to their team members.

With plans to grow, the team behind The Farmer’s Boy recognizes the value in modern training, giving their staff the freedom to access invaluable courses whenever their schedules allow, completing content in as little as five minutes, straight from their smartphones. Because of its success, The Farmer’s Boy now conducts all of their training on our platform, which avoids time-consuming training sessions that were previously done in person, giving their staff the freedom to complete courses in their own time.

Mitch Brummit, Owner and Director, The Farmer’s Boy said, One of the reasons that made SC Training (formerly EdApp) stand out as a learning platform was its ease of use along with the beautiful, interactive platform – for both the course creators as wells as our employees. We have close to 70 courses in the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform already, on everything from health and safety to food and beverage, cellar maintenance, and more. It’s imperative that our staff are across all of these processes and having a platform like SC Training (formerly EdApp) makes it easy for everyone to complete and revisit the content, whenever they like.
Darren Winterford, CEO, SC Training (formerly EdApp) said, We’re thrilled to facilitate the innovative training initiative that the team at The Farmer’s Boy are delivering. The hospitality industry calls for agility and scalability and paired with a free, completely editable course library, it’s great to see leading hospitality venues paving the way with modern and interactive training opportunities.
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