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11 Tools to Distribute Your Explainer Video


November 18, 2022



tools to distribute your explainer video - edapp

Explainer videos can help your learners better understand large and complicated concepts by breaking them down into bite-sized and easily digestible content. We’ve listed the top tools to distribute your explainer video. Here, you’ll find software explainer video examples, explainer video costs, and the features you should look out for.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an excellent blended learning platform that you can also take advantage of as a tool to distribute your explainer video. You can build video-based training courses using its user-friendly features, which will engage your learners and offer your organization more  flexibility with online training.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

It’s really simple to include your explainer video in your SC Training (formerly EdApp) course. Simply visit the platform’s drag-and-drop authoring tool, browse through the video templates, and select whether you want to upload a clip or include a link from YouTube or Vimeo. You can also set and select from several video play modes, such as Play On Demand, Auto Play, Auto Progress, and Always Show Skip Button.

Apart from that, SC Training (formerly EdApp) allows video conferencing through Zoom in addition to pre-recorded videos and video links. This promotes social learning and allows employees to offer direct feedback to their bosses as well as their peers. You can also record your live video meetings and share the link with your colleagues.

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Cost: Free


  • Video templates
  • Drag-and-drop authoring tool
  • Video conferencing
  • Video play configuration

2. Camtasia

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Camtasia

Camtasia is a tool to distribute your explainer video that allows you to edit video while also recording and screenshotting anything on your computer, such as a website, program, video call, or deck. Unlike other video editors, this one has avatars and interactive simulations into which text files, MP3 and MP4 files, picture-in-picture pictures, and deep focus frames can be included using its drag-and-drop editing tool. For quicker video production, compositing, and editing, you can also apply unique video effects and filters or just work on their pre-built movie templates.

Cost: 249.99 USD/user


  • Screen recording
  • Pre-built assets
  • Video templates
  • Video exporting
  • Drag-and-drop editor

3. Animaker

When it comes to designing video training programs, Animaker will undoubtedly be valuable to both non-designers and designers. With its drag-and-drop builder, you can effortlessly make a film or animation. You can also make your own character to put in your videos, as well as add voiceovers with auto lip-sync so you don’t have to stress about editing it later.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Animaker

This tool to distribute your explainer video also includes a variety of templates and assets that you can apply to enhance your videos, eliminating the need to search the internet for resources.

Cost: Starts at 20 USD/month


  • Template library
  • Asset library
  • Character builder
  • Auto lip-sync

4. Hippo Video

Hippo Video was created to help customer-facing workers enhance their sales skills with video learning. This is one of the best tools to distribute your explainer video for capturing screen video, editing clips, fixing transitions, and sharing them via email, links, and social media. You can even add text, photos, GIFs, and recordings to your videos without any watermarks.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Hippo Video

You’ll also be able to construct a learning video platform for your trainees, allowing them to access all of your uploaded resources in one location. It also allows your learners to use the program to deliver peer presentations, which is ideal for a blended learning environment.

Cost: Starts at 15 USD/month


  • Screen recorder
  • Video sharing
  • Learning video portal

5. ActivePresenter

Active Presenter is a great tool to consider when you need clever video technology and have a tight schedule. This tool to distribute your explainer video has a screen recording tool that allows you to record and edit your screen activities to make them more relevant to your learners. The video editing tool in ActivePresenter is equally versatile. It allows you to  cut, copy, remove, and even crop films and music, alter playback settings, insert freeze-frames, and add entertaining animations with words or letters.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - ActivePresenter

What’s the best part? It distributes its elearning content in HTML5, the most recent web standard, so you can easily integrate it into your existing LMS platform. While this tool is free, keep in mind that your training materials will be watermarked.

Cost: Free


  • Screen Recording
  • Video editing
  • Elearning content in HTML5

6. H5P

H5P is an excellent tool to distribute your explainer video because its sophisticated editing tool allows you to produce rich and interactive HTML5 content, such as movies, presentations, and even games and quizzes. It includes an ever-increasing number of content templates to help you begin your content production, saving you a significant amount of time when creating your learning material from scratch.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - H5P

When you’re finished changing your online material, simply copy the embedded code and put it into your existing LXP or LMS platform. All published H5P content is also responsive and mobile-friendly, making it ideal for leveraging mobile learning.

Cost: Free


  • Multimedia editing tool
  • Content templates
  • HTML5 content

7. Capto

Another great tool to distribute your explainer video is Capto. Capto includes a high-definition screen recording tool and an easy-to-use video editing suite, allowing you to quickly create video-based teaching materials. With a smooth 60 FPS, you can be confident that your recordings will look sharp, clear, and excellent on practically any screen, even your learners’ mobile devices.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Capto

Capto’s video editing features let you clip and crop your recordings, add voiceovers and text overlays, and even fix or alter the parameters of your video. All files are saved in Capto’s file management system, where you can create folders and apply custom rules to make it simpler to find the files you need.

Cost: 29.99 USD


  • Screen recording tool
  • Video editing suite
  • Mobile responsive
  • File management system

8. Howcast

Howcast is a tool to distribute your explainer video that gives how-to videos for various themes and subjects. With its vast list of how-to videos, you won’t need to go to any other content management system (CMS) to get your other training materials. It’s also user-friendly, so anyone in your team can easily use it.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Howcast

Videos are organized into four categories: arts and crafts, food and drink, health and wellness, and money and education. Various videos are available to use as extra training tools for your teams. They also provide high-quality instructional videos on YouTube.

Cost: Free


  • How-to videos
  • User-friendly interface
  • Categorized guides

9. Teachable

Teachable is a platform for developing and selling webinars and videos that you can also use as a tool to distribute your explainer video. Teachable, the online training service, boasts that 100,000 course creators use it for educational or corporate training.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Teachable

There are tools available for easily customizing learning exercises, course material, and designs. Dashboards, user profiles, webpages, sales viewers, direct email, and course pages are some of the features available on the platform. It’s a safe elearning maker platform designed for course content developers that don’t have a lot of coding experience.

Cost: Starts at 29 USD/month


  • Video maker
  • Customizations
  • User dashboard

10. Powtoon

Powtoon is a program that you should consider if you want to create and deliver professional-looking animated training videos. Powtoon’s online video editor allows you to modify a large collection of video templates for any form of training.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Powtoon

You can capture your screen and camera using Powtoon Capture, then add your own graphics and branding for a more personalized touch. You’ll also get access to royalty-free films and pictures for use in presentations and whiteboard animations. While it does have a free plan, it’s best suited for personal use because it lacks several tools that are needed for corporate learning.

Cost: Starts at 60 USD/month


  • Video editor
  • Screen recording
  • Royalty-free videos and images

11. Cincopa

Cincopa is an all-in-one video and image solution with multiple products curated for different industry types. Rectrace is Cincopa’s easy-to-use webcam and screen recording software that allows you to record, upload, share, and manage all media assets. Perfect for creating and sharing explainer videos –  you can even share on your dedicated webpage with access restrictions.

Tool to Distribute Your Explainer Video - Cincopa

Cost: Free, paid plans start at 25 USD/month


  • Screen Recording
  • Webcam Recording
  • Dedicated Landing Page
  • Access Restriction
  • Gallery Templates
  • Auto-Uploads

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile learning management system designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective micro-learning directly to learners anytime and anywhere.

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