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10 Tools to Improve the Learner Experience


March 18, 2022



Tools to Improve the Learner Experience

With the trend of online training set to continue even after the pandemic, the demand for interactive learning tools has continued to grow. In this article, we’ll give you a round-up of the most recommended tools to improve the learner experience and make sure that your team is engaged with their training. 

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

It sort of goes without saying that SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a must-have tool to improve the learner experience. This training tool is jam-packed with tons of user-friendly features that will keep your learners at the center of their online learning. 

Tools to improve the learner experience - SC Training

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s specialty lies in course creation. With its intuitive course creator tool, you can put together beautiful, engaging, and effective lessons that your learners will surely enjoy. You can also take advantage of its create with AI tool to generate an entire course in seconds. Just enter a prompt and have excellent workplace learning your team will love ready.

Tools to improve the learner experience - SC Training Creator tool

You can also use this tool to improve the learners experience by incorporating gamification elements like drag-and-drop, sequencing, and matching to spice up your lessons and overcome the boredom associated with learning. The achievement feature can be added to drive higher learning motivation for your learners. 

Tools to improve the learner experience - SC Training Gamification

Collaboration and peer learning can also be achieved through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Discussion feature. Here, learners can interact in real-time, or join conversation threads, significantly improving their learning experience.

Tools to improve the learner experience - SC Training Discussions
  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Key features: Course creator tool, course library, gamification elements, rapid refresh, discussions

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2. Lectora by eLearning Brothers

Lectora is a brainchild of eLearning Brothers, an industry-respected expert in the world of elearning. This elearning authoring platform made our list of tools to improve the learner experience because of its interactive wireframe templates. This unique feature of Lectora can help you work through all the interactions and layouts you need to enhance your instructional courses and make learning management more fun and engaging for your employees. All published content responds perfectly across all devices, although adjustments can still be made as needed. 

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Lectora

Another significant advantage of this interactive elearning tool is that it integrates seamlessly with CenarioVR, a VR authoring tool that is also included within the eLearning Brothers’ training toolkit. To achieve better engagement and higher learning results, you can embed immersive learning scenarios created in CenarioVR and add them to your Lectora learning programs. 

  • Cost: Starts at 99 USD per year
  • Key features: Interactive wireframe templates, responsive course design, VR learning integration

3. LearnCube

Learncube is also an excellent tool to improve the learner experience. Among the key learning solutions that they offer include a purpose-built virtual classroom, where you can train and interact with your team in real-time. The best part? They invest in advanced technology that secures the highest quality audio and video possible so that your learners will have an unmatched learning experience.

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - LearnCube

Learncube also takes pride in its online whiteboard feature, which brings life to a classic webinar or video session. You and your team can use it to draw, write, and sketch virtually to explain ideas better. Interactive elements like videos, audio, and images can also be added to speed up learning and boost the learner experience. 

  • Cost: Free and custom paid plans
  • Key features: Purpose-built virtual classroom, online whiteboard, multimedia integration

4. Xperiencify

Xperiencify comes with a range of agile and powerful tools that take advantage of the gamification learning strategy. Their unique methodology – – combines the ideas and techniques from the app and game industries. Apart from gamifying your courses, you can incorporate game elements like the point system, variable rewards, badges, and custom countdowns to get 10-30 times more engagement and results from your learners.

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Xperiencify

To further improve the learner experience, they also offer an Experience Engine that allows trainers to automatically send encouragement and motivation messages, especially to those who are feeling a little discouraged. Their automated system and pre-written message collections ensure that you are sending the right messages at the right time to your learners, all without having to lift a finger.

  • Cost: Pricing plans start at 9 per month
  • Key features: Gamified courses, game elements like point systems, variable rewards, badges, and custom countdowns, experience engine, pre-written message collections

5. Stormboard 

Stormboard provides a tool to do virtual training and workshops, regardless of where your employees are located. It puts a new spin on online presentations by leveraging a virtual whiteboard, so your learners aren’t stuck in a traditional and static learning environment. Here, they can fully interact during training sessions through free-form drawings, text, videos, even whiteboard sticky notes. By providing your learners with a more collaborative and interactive learning experience, you can rest assured of a higher engagement and learning retention rate.

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Stormboard

If needed, you can also use its specialized frameworks and process templates to make your training more organized and structured. Every section of your template can be resized or reconfigured to meet your specific needs. Worry not as all of the Stormboard templates and content sit on an infinite canvas. Meaning, you will never run out of storage space or lose your data in the process. 

  • Cost: Free and paid plans
  • Key features: Collaborative whiteboard, digital media, whiteboard sticky notes, smart templates, infinite canvas

6. Animaker

Animaker is also a recommended tool to improve the learner experience. What’s noteworthy about this tool is that it can help you build eye-catching animation videos, which will surely capture the attention of your learners and make them want to engage with your training. With Animaker, you don’t have to be an expert video maker or designer. Thanks to its drag and drop video builder, all you need is your content and creativity to get started. It also houses a variety of templates and assets ready to help you get the creative juices flowing in your video.

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Animaker

But that’s not all – you can also create your own character to use in your videos to provide learners with a much more personalized learning experience. Feel free to add voice overs with auto lip-sync to make the animation more fun and realistic.

  • Cost: Free and paid plans
  • Key features: Video and animation builder, drag and drop structure, ready-made templates and assets, character builder, auto lip-sync

7. Knowbly

Knowbly is known for its rapid elearning development tools designed to help trainers deliver effective learning solutions at scale. Here, you’ll enjoy their easy-to-use templates, which support rich media like interactive video, audio recordings, image editing, and flashcards. You can even import games, infographics, simulations, and scenarios to bring life to an otherwise dull learning experience. All learning materials developed in this learning platform work seamlessly on mobile and in any learning environment. Meaning, learners are free to decide where to access their courseware, whether through their office desktop, tablet, or personal mobile devices. 

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Knowbly
  • Cost: Starts at 95 USD per author per year
  • Key features: Rapid authoring application, easy-to-use templates, games, infographics, simulation and scenarios, mobile accessibility

8. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is another tool to use to improve the learner experience and level up your online training sessions. Forget about static learning. Give your learners awesome learning experiences by providing them with gamified quizzes, which they call “kahoots” on this platform. These kahoots can be arranged as a self-paced exercise, but for optimal engagement, you can host them live or via any video conferencing platform and ask everyone on your team to play. To spice things up, learners can also compete in leagues within the Kahoot! mobile training app.

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Kahoot

You may create kahoots and connect remote teams of up to 10 people with the free plan. But if you need more employees to participate, you will have to pay for a paid plan.

  • Cost: Free; paid plans start at 7 USD per host per month
  • Key features: Gamified quizzes, self-paced learning materials, live video conferencing, mobile accessibility

9. StudyStack

StudyStack is free flashcard software that utilizes gamification elements like crossword puzzles, matching games, hangman, unscramble, or snake, helping you create a fun and engaging learner experience. If you’re a teacher or learning and development professional, you can create your own flashcards or deploy flashcards from StudyStack’s content library, which are suited to your teaching needs. Learners even have the option to quiz themselves after a lesson to see if they’ve retained any of the new knowledge. 

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Study Stack

You can access these on any desktop or mobile device but if your learners prefer a more analog learning approach, they can also export and print out the flashcard sets to study offline.

  • Cost: Free
  • Key features: Gamification elements, content library, mobile access, export and print flashcards, self-quiz

10. Officevibe

Officevibe is a tool for gathering feedback from your employees. You can send out anonymous surveys, which are automatically deployed to them. It uses pulse surveys to measure employee engagement using different formats such as numerical scales, text boxes, and custom polls. Instructional design specialists and managers can respond to feedback and continue an anonymous correspondence, or even set a 1-on-1 for further discussion. It boosts learner experience as employees can let management know any challenges or issues that wouldn’t normally be addressed in a typical conversation, so they can be fixed or improved upon. Officevibe offers a free basic plan but to get better features, a paid subscription is recommended.

Tools to Improve the Learner Experience - Officevibe
  • Cost: Free, US /user
  • Key features: Automated pulse surveys, anonymous feedback, 1-on-1 discussion


Jeanellie Avelino

Jen is a learning expert at SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based training platform that helps corporates and businesses bring their training solutions to the next level. She carries an extensive writing experience in a variety of fields, including architecture, the gig economy, and computer software. Outside of work, she enjoys her free time watching her favorite series and documentaries, reading motivational books, and cross-stitching.

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