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10 Free Frontline Training Solutions


February 16, 2021



Top 10 frontline training courses

Frontline workers are the first line of contact in your business. They give the first impression of your product, services, or brand to customers. Because of that, they should be trained to act and present themselves in a favorable way.

When training frontline workers, there are numerous factors to consider. One important factor these days is health. Frontline workers need to be aware that they can easily catch and transmit diseases if they are not careful.

Another factor is that they need to communicate well. How they relate with potential customers will determine how your business is perceived.

They also need to be ready to keep learning even after their initial training has taken place. Oftentimes they are left on their own after their initial training, when in fact they can be learning more if they still have access to microlearning lessons.

In this article, we will take a look at several frontline training courses that you can use to upgrade your frontline workers to the next level. You will see that each has its own unique advantages.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

The best courses out there for frontline training come from SC Training (formerly EdApp). SC Training (formerly EdApp) is actually a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that offers elearning development, but, in addition, it also has fully created instructional design courseware that you can use for your business. Human-resources professionals can easily deploy elearning courses for their self paced mobile learning program.

Frontline Training Course SC Training (formerly EdApp) Creating a Positive Customer Experience

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s premade courses include a host of useful frontline courses including topics on sales training, onboarding, and effective communication. In addition, there are also courses about how workers can prepare for Covid-19.

Take SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Creating a Positive Customer Experience course for example. This completely editable course is made up of 4 parts to help you educate your teams on how to impress customers, to define what customer service is, and how to both engage and interact with your customer base.

2. Frontline Care Solutions

Another solution for frontline training courses comes from Frontline Care Solutions. This is a flexible way to train your frontline staff that includes online training, blended learning, and face-to-face instruction. Learners who finish the course can print out their own certificates.

Frontline Care Solutions frontline training solutions

3. Ottolearn

Another good learning management software to consider for frontline leaner training is Ottolearn. They have courses to help frontline learners prepare themselves against Covid-19. It is a microlearning platform that also uses spaced repetition for reinforcement.

It also features gamified training content to make the learning process more enjoyable, ensuring higher learning retention. Furthermore, it is easy to create additional content for the platform.

Ottolearn best training solutions


Frontline training can also be achieved through using AMSSA. This free training includes help for frontline trainers dealing with refugee mental health, workplace safety, diversity and inclusion, and employment services. These courses are made for a Canadian audience, but others may find them useful as well.

AMSSA elearning frontline solution

5. Rallyware

Rallyware is another solution to turn to for frontline training. They have all sorts of corporate learning programs in addition to courses for frontline workers. Their goal is to get new workers up to speed so they can perform in an agile culture.

They also keep track of metrics and reward learners through gamification. The metrics allow stake-holders to monitor KPIs to know that training is effective.

Rallyware first line training solutions

6. Disprz

Another frontline training course is Disprz. They offer live training and seminar all over the world and focus on building practical skills for employee development. Disprz separates itself with AI-driven content. Using its custom process, it aims to turn employees into leaders who advance their careers.

Disprz front line training

7. Axonify

Axonify is another frontline training course. Their frontline courses focus on onboarding users as quickly as possible and then keeping them abreast through daily job aids, articles, FAQs, and other resources. Another great feature is the ability to monitor competency and progress in-depth to see which areas still need improvement. It also has the ability to offer certificates upon completion.

Axonify frontline training solutions

8. Fierce Inc

Fierce is another solution for frontline training. Their course focuses on the importance of communication. Subject matter experts aim to teach learners how to be candid, open, and direct with customers. They accomplish this in 9 proprietary training programs.

The programs start from foundations in communication and end with negotiations. They can be conducted both offline and online. The training software uses Adobe as its elearning platform.

Fierce best training solutions

9. Frontline Learning

Frontline Learning is another online compliance training platform for frontline workers. It identifies three big challenges that organizations have in customer service: high turnover rates, pressure to get new hires working as quickly as possible, and lack of coaching and mentoring after starting the job.

They design their courses to help with those key areas. Their courses can be easily customized, as well, as they are built on an open architecture.

Frontline Learning elearning frontline solution

10. Skyllful

One more platform to consider for frontline education is Skyllful. Their course for frontline workers highlights the needs that these types of workers require, such as having the tools to do their job, understanding how to do their jobs well, and gaining as much experience as possible.

They accomplish different types of training goals through video and assessment. They then measure progress by analyzing the results of learners in the program. This gives stakeholders a dashboard where they can clearly see the results of training.

Skyllful first line training solutions

Conclusion about Frontline Training Courses

In this article, we took a look at the best frontline training courses available on the internet. Each course took its own unique approach to preparing frontline workers, but they all succeed in their own ways. Have you tried training frontline workers? What do you think is important when training them?


Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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