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Tips For Training Hospitality Staff


February 6, 2019



Training hospitality staff


When implementing hospitality training, it leads to a better experience for your customers. Better guest experiences leads to brand loyalty and brand loyalty leads to many seasons in the black. That is why many businesses are working to provide their staff with training programs designed, not only to transfer skill, but to improve engagement with your brand and your company’s goals. Here are some solid tips for your hospitality training programs, so that your starff are engaged and delivering a stellar service for your guests.

Training for Hospitality: Take advantage of job aids

Your customers expect great service every time they enter your establishment. Being consistent is so important in the hospitality industry. Through the use of job aids, you can ensure that the process is the same every time. This may mean setting up diagrams of how the beds should be made or a sandwich is assembled. However, using a microlearning system as a job aid can provide the same type of results, but in a way that is more interactive.

Embrace technology for hospitality training

There are so many technological advances when it comes to learning and training. Embrace what technology can offer for you and your staff. Implement a mobile learning program and your staff can complete learning modules that remind them how to properly make drinks, set up a table, take a customer’s order, set up a hotel room and so much more. These systems allow your staff to practice their customer service and improve on their service skills in a fun and engaging way.

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Re training for hotel management

Some companies have decided to close down for the day so that they can retrain all of their employees. This can be very costly for the company. However, if the company utilized training programs over the internet, they could retain their employees each year or every few months to make sure that they are up on all of the company’s procedures. You can even turn it into a game or contest, which will make employees want to master it even quicker. They can complete the retraining at home on their free time or in-house, but either way is cheaper than shutting down for the day.

When it comes to training your hospitality staff, there are many ways to ensure that they understand your way of doing business. Plus, through mobile learning applications, they can complete their training easily and always work towards providing great service to your customers.

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