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UNESCO and UNITAR launch free SC Training (formerly EdApp) course: Combating the Disinfodemic


November 6, 2020



SC Training (formerly EdApp) UNESCO UNITAR

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About the course

Compiled of nine lessons, “Combating the Disinfodemic: Working for truth in the time of COVID-19” is a collaboration between the UNESCO Sector for Communication and Information and the UNITAR Divisions for Multilateral Diplomacy and Prosperity.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Combatting the disinfodemic

This interactive courseware helps to build an understanding of the disinfodemic and the role of truth in the time of COVID-19. Reliable and accurate information is critical at the best of times, but during a crisis, it can be a matter of life and death.

COVID-19 has led to a parallel pandemic of disinformation that directly impacts lives and livelihoods around the world. Falsehoods and misinformation have proven deadly and sowed confusion about life-saving personal and policy choices.

This interactive courseware offers critical insights into COVID-19-related disinformation that is polluting trustworthy sources and reliable information. “Combating the Disinfodemic: Working for truth in the time of COVID-19” is a new tool to help test the knowledge of you and your teams to check your level of literacy around disinformation.

After completing this courseware, your teams will have knowledge around the nine types of Coronavirus disinformation, the four format modes, and the ten categories of responses being mobilised to address the disinfodemic. Like all of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlessons, each lesson can be easily completed in 5-10 minutes from mobile or desktop.

About the authors

UNITAR provides training and capacity development activities to assist mainly developing countries with special attention to Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other groups and communities who are most vulnerable, including those in conflict situations.

UNESCO’s Sector for Communication and Information works within the UN system. UNESCO operates extensive programs on access to information and freedom of expression. The Organization’s Sector for Communication and Information is also an active participant in the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development.

UNESCO UNITAR - Combatting the disinfodemic

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Deni Verklan

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