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November 1, 2019



Online Sales Training To Enhance Verbal Communication Skills

The importance of verbal communication skills in sales cannot be overstated. A sales executive’s verbal communication skills can make or break a sale, and it all begins as soon as the sales executive utters his or her first words to the customer.

Every employee in an organization’s sales team must have refined verbal communication skills and must know exactly what they’re going to say in their opening pitch as well as their closing statements. Amazing verbal communication skills are achieved by developing several sub-skills, such as questioning skills, vocal skills, and conversational skills. In this modern-day and age, digital learning is the only learning methodology that can impart knowledge to modern learners effectively and engagingly. Thus, organizations that want to develop flawless verbal communication skills in their sales team must use digital learning to provide online sales training to their employees. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 ways to use online sales training to enhance verbal communications skills in sales employees.

1. Use Simulations Based On Real-Life Scenarios

Sales require very practical skills that can only be developed by real-life experiences. However, real-life experiences cannot happen whenever you want them to. Simulations based on real-life scenarios thus are the best way to replicate real-life experiences. This is especially true for verbal communication skills which are important during client meetings as well as sales transactions. Simulations have characters that can be interacted with just like clients and customers in the real world, which makes it easier to apply verbal communication skills in the real life. Simulations offer a safe, virtual space to sales employees to practice verbal communication skills such as negotiation skills as well as the articulation of thoughts.

2. Create A Social Media Group For Your Learners

Social media is a very crucial element of online training. It is also relevant in modern times. The best way to improve the verbal communication skills of your sales employees is to encourage them to collaborate and improve with each other’s help. Verbal skills are not just what you speak, but what you write. A lot of communication between clients or customers is done through messages and mails these days, and the written word is easier to misconstrue as it is devoid of tone. Knowing how to express your intentions through the written word thus is a very important part of verbal communication. A social media group focused on the online sales courses will ensure that the employees discuss their training, challenge each other and learn better verbal communication as a team, all through chat, which is a written method of verbal communication.

3. Use Branching Scenarios In Your Courses

The sales employee will have to make quick, lightning-fast decisions throughout their careers if they wish to clinch big customers and clients by listening to what they’re saying and reading what they’re writing. Thus it is very important that their decision-making, active listening, and active reading skills are augmented. That can be done by using branching scenarios in your digital learning courses. They help employees train for these skills, as they’ll have to carefully wade through the scenario training while keeping their eyes and ears open, making decisions that will branch out to another scenario, very much like real life.

4. Gamify Sales Training Courses

Gamification can help learners get engaged with sales training, which can be boring for some learners. Add game elements like points, levels, and rewards in the learning modules, focus on verbal communication skills, and it shouldn’t be too hard. For example, learners could gain points for every good conversation they had with a character (a client or customer) with different needs in the gamified module, progress to higher levels as they rack up enough points, claiming rewards as they do that.

5. Use Video-Based Learning

This is a popular one. Video is the format in which the modern learner likes to consume content, which means they engage with it. Video is also suited to teaching verbal communication skills to learners, as they can watch and hear at the same time, learning both verbal and non-verbal communication at the same time. It is a great way to demonstrate the correct way to communicate. Videos can also be accessed anywhere, anytime on employees’ smartphones, and are usually not too long.

Sales professionals cannot be effective contributors to the organization until and unless they are flawless verbal communicators. Use the above-mentioned tips to forge an online sales training program for your sales employees that gets you the results you need.


Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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