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Using Microlearning For Large Teams


February 4, 2019



microlearning for large teams

When you have large teams to train, microlearning is the ideal solution. Microlearning is an effective way of teaching information, because it utilises small chunks of information that are concise and to the point. Companies that initiate huge change programs or need to onboard large numbers of people at one time can utilise microlearning to help get everyone on the right track quickly. Here are tips for when using microlearning for large teams.

Microlearning Can Be Personalized

Everyone has a different background, different education and different skill level. That’s why having a generic training system is unlikely to be effective. Being able to personalize a training program to meet the individual needs of employees, can help everyone be ready faster. Microlearning allows trainers to pick and choose the small chunks of information that learners need so that they don’t have to learn everything.

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Microlearning Fast Tracks Learning

The concise nature of microlearning means training can be fast tracked. Employees don’t need to waste time with lessons dealing with content that they’ve already mastered or concepts they don’t need to understand. This enables them to complete training quicker.

Microlearning is Cost Effective

Company training content is typically expensive to produce. On top of this, traditional training programs tie up top-earners when they train new recruits. When these highly-paid individuals are training staff, they aren’t making money for the company.

Microlearning can be distributed by the cloud

Large organisations can be spread across towns, countries and even continents. By using a cloud app, courseware can be distributed globally, in an instant, to learners’ smartphones – allowing them to take their courses in their own time at their own pace.

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