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Welcome Mizuno: Providing product training to sporting retailers and employees


March 5, 2020



Welcome to Mizuno

Please join us in welcoming Mizuno to the SC Training (formerly EdApp) family. Mizuno is now deploying SC Training (formerly EdApp) to provide product training to sporting retailers and employees alike.

Since their establishment in 1906, the leading producer of sporting equipment and sportswear has been priding itself on creating highly technical and sophisticated products. Celebrated by high-performance athletes around the globe, Mizuno can be found on every continent.

Today, Mizuno continues their passion for providing technical performance and excellence surrounding their products. Similarly, they are committed to educating some of the largest footwear retailers in the world about the technical and functional elements of their products. 

Global reach

Mizuno will be hosting their content on the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform to ensure their thousands of retail employees along with leading retailers keep up to date with their innovative and constant product releases. Global reach is essential for the success of the company due to its multi-national customer base, where training must be tailored to the needs of each of these learners.

We are thrilled that our mobile-first microlearning platform enables this wide range of retailers and employees to be well-informed about the products, brands, and rich history of Mizuno. With the implementation of the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform, unique and personalized learning opportunities can be leveraged to motivate and inform these learners of best practices for ultimate success.

“Since our establishment in 1906, Mizuno has contributed to the world of sport through innovative high-performance sporting equipment and sportswear, resulting in unparalleled athletic results. We understand the importance of implementing top-tier training for our clients and employees, which is why we are excited to be deploying SC Training (formerly EdApp) into our training solution. We are particularly impressed with how SC Training (formerly EdApp) has provided us with a platform that can be used to explain the more detailed and technical side of our product, which is essential to accurately represent the Mizuno brand.” -Sally James, Mizuno Marketing Manager

Mobile-first for retail

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s gamification feature will be utilized by the sportswear company to integrate a ‘Mizuno point’ system, providing intrinsic motivation by rewarding learners exhibiting the best performance with prizes. Mobile-first learning is ideal for the retail industry due to the continuity of new product releases combined with the high rates of staff turnover. With this in mind, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning platform provides a unique learning experience and enables learners to access their courseware when it suits them best, rather than being constrained to on-site training.

Retail is one of the most challenging learning environments, particularly when you are looking at training a predominantly casual workforce. Mizuno has recognised SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s unique mobile-first learning experience can solve these challenges and has an unprecedented ability to educate in this arena. Our unique mobile-first platform enables Mizuno to engage retail cohorts seamlessly, contributing to a continuous and valuable learning experience, even without them being direct employees. We pride ourselves on providing the best training experiences to major retailers around the globe and are thrilled to welcome Mizuno to the SC Training (formerly EdApp) family. -Darren Winterford, CEO of SC Training (formerly EdApp) 

Mizuno recognizes the power of using SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning platform to grapple with the challenges posed by the retail industry, resulting in better customer experiences and the holistic success of Mizuno.

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Welcome, Mizuno!


Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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