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Welcoming Esperanza to the SC Training (formerly EdApp) family, as they deploy our platform to educate in the Dominican Republic


February 7, 2020



Welcoming Esperanza to the SC Training (formerly EdApp) family

We are thrilled to announce that Esperanza, in partnership with MoveUp, has adopted the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform. Esperanza, a not-for-profit organisation, offers an extensive solution to poverty alleviation by providing individually tailored services that address financial, physical, and emotional needs and acknowledges the unlimited potential for growth and self-worth in doing so.

Founded in 1995, Esperanza is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing access to capital to those excluded from the formal financial sector. Specifically, microfinance loans are distributed to small business owners in the Dominican Republic to facilitate their economic development. We are elated that Esperanza is utilizing the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform to educate thousands of entrepreneurs that would not otherwise have the means to grow their business. Our mobile-first microlearning platform will be used to deliver effective business training to the most vulnerable and marginalised individuals, with the collective goal to eliminate poverty in the affected regions. 

Global reach

Esperanza selected SC Training (formerly EdApp) to facilitate valuable business training in conjunction with their accompanying financial, health, and spiritual programs. Our unique platform is built for universal accessibility, regardless of geographical location and meets the operational needs of Esperanza to deliver their training effectively. With features such as our offline mode, which enables learners to access and complete courseware without Internet access, mobile learning on a global scale has never been so attainable. Esperanza will be facilitating workshops where individuals can access WiFi to download SC Training (formerly EdApp) lessons for completion at a later stage.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s platform is the ideal tool to educate the entrepreneurs in Esperanza’s microfinance program. We are committed to empowering individuals to move from economic vulnerability to resiliency and SC Training (formerly EdApp) facilitates this. We were especially impressed with the platform’s offline capabilities, which provide the necessary tools to educate in regions that lack Internet access.
-Marlena May, Program Director at MoveUp

Social responsibility

We are proud to work with an organisation like Esperanza that is committed to the advancement of the greater good through multi-faceted support and education. SC Training (formerly EdApp) shares Esperanza’s beliefs in acknowledging the unlimited potential for growth when financial, physical, and emotional needs are extended. We are thrilled that SC Training (formerly EdApp) is being utilised for such a great cause. 

With the implementation of our microlearning platform, thousands of Dominicans and Haitians participating in the Esperanza program now have access to top-tier training, providing unparalleled opportunities.

Welcome, Esperanza!


Deni Verklan

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