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What Suffices Microlearning Training?


August 5, 2019



What Suffices Microlearning Training?

Microlearning training is learning acquired through the release of information in small bursts, with lessons designed to be consumed in a few minutes.

According to research, an adult can concentrate on a particular topic for up to twenty minutes and not beyond. The distractibility level gradually increases as the subject gets lengthy. To sweep away the distractibility in the process of learning, microlearning training is a savior for learners.

Why Is Microlearning Training Effective in a Corporate World?

Microlearning training is more suitable for every employee from higher level executives to new graduates. Millennials can have the utmost benefit from microlearning training.

According to the research, 58% of corporate employees would prefer microlearning online training resources as they are shorter and take 300% less time to create and are 50% less than the cost of other courses. It is, hence, less time consuming and hardly takes 3-7 minutes for our brain to retain the information.

In a corporate environment, microlearning training can be created comprising of lessons on specific topics. It offers lessons in various formats such as videos, infographics and interactive activities. It can be more effective if the content and the provided information is in a mobile format. Microlearning training can be used at any time and with any corporate learning program.

What Are Some Features Highlighting the Benefits of Microlearning? How to Make It Work

  1. Small Pieces of Knowledge at a Time – Microlearning training gives the learner the opportunity to understand a particular topic in small chunks at a time, so the process of learning is seamless and far more engaging for learners.
  2. Systematic Interactions – Systematic interaction involves the engagement of the learners and trainers progressing through interactive quizzes, games and assessments related to their topics, in order to develop a better understanding of the focus topic and a holistic picture of the basic concept.
  3. Various Formats – As Microlearning has been proved to be an effective way of learning, it has helped learners to achieve their specific objectives through various formats, providing a whole new experience of learning through infographics, videos, microlearning quizzes and mobile applications.
  4. Modules into lessons into topics – Modules can be divided into chunks and those chunks can be divided into lessons. Continuing with the process of breaking down the content becomes familiar and easier for learners.
  5. Small knowledge at the screen level – This refers to the process of breaking down a module into lessons and lessons into smaller topics. Content should be organized in a manner that only 3-5 new pieces of information should be shared in a lesson at one time. This process should be implemented in the design stage so that the learner does not become confused from digesting multiple pieces of information appearing on the screen.

Ways to use Microlearning Training:

  1. Microlearning training provides specific and selective information as per learners’ needs.
  2. It can be used for educational purposes, as well as for business procedures.
  3. Microlearning training can be helpful for those who require repetition of a particular topic.
  4. It is utmost beneficial for those who want small segments of knowledge through various formats to rapidly achieve objectives by working systematically.
  5. It can also be helpful for a learner who has a keen interest in knowing information about more complicated concepts.

Reasons Behind Why Microlearning Training Has Gained Acceptance

Microlearning training has gained popularity at a rapid rate as it is very much associated with the human dependency behavior on always being in touch with our smartphones and electronic gadgets. We are already connected with one another through digital platforms and receiving endless information through the same medium makes it much easier.

The repetition of the information has always prevailed in our society, however, the new generation and corporate world looks disinterested in traditional ways of training as it burdens the learner’s mind which no longer feels connected to the topic.

Hence, the microlearning training process has proved that it is beneficial for both the business and education industry as it provides multiple professional and personal benefits. It is inclined to be learner-centered and also valuable for professional ongoing development. It’s a much easier process to update and re-use the modules, lessons or any particular topic. Microlearning training also has a much higher impact on the learner and their capabilities as, according to research, it creates 50% more involvement amongst the learner and leads to better sticky learning.

In the near future, there is a wide scope of microlearning training as it is suitable for our fast-paced lives. It is a time efficient tool and will create a much stronger learning environment.


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