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White Label Elearning Courses


February 5, 2019



White Label Elearning Courses

Authoring tools are designed to make things easier and to increase progress. However, solutions that are out of date, or take too long to use, can just as easily harm productivity over helping it. That is why we have compiled the top five ways to make your authoring tool work harder for you, so you can reap real results.

White Label Elearning Courses Tip #1 – Use your authoring tool to manage assets

Through the use of a cloud-based authoring tool, your company can easily make adjustments to content. Think about how much work you have to do every time there is a compliance change. With a cloud-based authoring tool, with the capacity to manage your assets, you can easily edit the material in various places without having to take a lot of time doing it. This allows you to easily ensure that the content is up to date and correct, without a huge investment in time or money.

White Label Elearning Courses Tip #2 – Refresh courses faster

It is likely that when you need to translate, refresh, or deal with white-label, it is a complex and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. When you operate several eLearning courses in different countries, you can spend a lot of time refreshing, branding, and translating the content. However, with a creator tool, you can easily translate the content into different languages and update your content easily. Therefore, you are able to get more done faster.

White Label Elearning Courses Tip #3 – Make Collaborating a Breeze

With an authoring tool, you can easily collaborate on projects. Individual team members can work on the same project at the same time, so there is no need to waste production time as only one member of the team is able to work on a project at one time. With a cloud-based system, multiple people can be working at the same time, which can significantly decrease the time spent on production.

White Label Elearning Courses Tip #4 – Quicker Launches

Authoring tools can work hard to push the deadline of the next launch upwards. The various people involved in the process, such as lawyers and the brand team, can add comments throughout the process and view comments made by other workers so that it will take less time to get everything in order for the launch.

White Label Elearning Courses Tip #5 – Fast Content Changes

Authoring tools allow for quick content upgrades that won’t interrupt the launch of your eLearning source. Authoring tools allow you to make changes to the content without having to upload the content and new files or links again. That way you can make consistent changes to refine your content without a hassle.

Authoring tools provide you with the versatility you need to continually improve your content while ensuring that you can do it easily and effectively. When using authoring tools, you can be more productive and get everyone working towards a common goal.

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