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Why Jewellery Companies Love Microlearning


September 24, 2019



Why Jewellery Companies Love Microlearning

The retail industry typically has higher turnover rates than most, harbouring a fast-paced, client-facing environment. In order for maximum efficiency and productivity, employees must be well-trained in particular skills for outstanding customer service and increase sales. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s major client is a global jewellery chain, which requires constant onboarding and training of employees. So, why do jewellery companies love microlearning?

Microlearning provides specialised retail companies, for instance jewellery, with ongoing training to their employees, facilitating an endless learning environment. This is beneficial to the company as a whole as the workforce is well-informed and updated on day-to-day processes and changes which may occur.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s jewellery company client has provided informative feedback on how SC Training (formerly EdApp) has assisted in the bettering of their company.

Challenges faced by companies in the retail industry include:

  • Difficulty capturing the attention of all employees at one time due to shift work.
  • Training is prohibited in store due to customers being the first and foremost priority.
  • Dispersed workforces can give rise to challenges across the company.
  • 90% of the company was made up of Gen Y or younger employees.


Surveying employees in the company:

  • 90% prefer to use SC Training (formerly EdApp) over previous training methods.
  • Users enjoyed the interactivity of SC Training (formerly EdApp), particularly the prizing and motivation provided.
  • Employees said that SC Training (formerly EdApp) became a part of their daily routine, whereby they found themselves to check the app routinely, as they would with other social media apps.
  • Employees found daily reminders to be useful.

Sustainability of SC Training (formerly EdApp) in Retail

Many employees suggested that one of the main reasons they love SC Training (formerly EdApp) is because the delivery of information is engaging and useful. Their training was also found to not interrupt their day and that they usually find themselves willingly going out of their way to complete training. Training is also talked about on the shop floor, highlighting the competitive dimension of SC Training (formerly EdApp), where employees discuss and compare their achievements amongst one another.

Some employees found it to be therapeutic to progress through training in the app on their commute to, sometimes while listening to music. This also enables the cementation of sales skills, which are core in retail, before arriving at their shift. From this, employees feel more comfortable and capable of communicating with customers.

It was found that reiterated content is incredibly beneficial to employees as memory is frequently refreshed, allowing all information to be centrally available. One instance of this is during one of the company’s promotional periods, in which SC Training (formerly EdApp) provided all necessary information and details of the period for employees to absorb and put into practice on the shop floor. SC Training (formerly EdApp) also provides employees with backstories and lines to use in-store for the most effective performance, build a larger customer base and to drive sales growth.

Learning On Mobile

Employee training on mobile has thrived in the retail industry and for good reason. For this company’s employees, SC Training (formerly EdApp) became part of the daily ‘social media check’. The notification cannot be missed, meaning that employees will be reminded of their learning regardless if they were working on that particular day or not. Learning that is delivered via mobile inevitably is highly accessible, and boosts employee participation and engagement in training modules.


Gamification has instilled a sense of healthy competition in these employees, where the competition and talk of training spreads into the workplace. This fuels them to go back and train more to earn as many stars or points as possible. Validation, rewards and recognition are essential for employee performance, as employees will become motivated and find value in what they are learning.

Microlearning in Retail

Overall, microlearning is incredibly useful and successful in the retail industry. Employees found that shorter lessons were much more appealing and not at all boring. This has enabled them to retain more information and avoids having to participate in tedious training. Maintaining motivation and focus has never been easier than with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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