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Why You Need Microlearning


September 27, 2019



SC Training (formerly EdApp) microlearning

Microlearning involves presenting short bursts of information that concentrate on specific subjects or topics. As a result, learners are able to remember complete training in less time, as opposed to attending long and time-consuming presentations or lectures.

Below are key reasons why you need microlearning to train members of staff.

1. Reduces cognitive overload

Consuming small chunks of information as opposed to large bits helps prevent cognitive overload, putting employees in a better position to absorb and internalize the key takeaways. They are able to acquire the skills they need to prevail over current job challenges and then proceed onto the next.

Microlearning does not overload the human beings’ working memory, which is known to only hold a limited amount of information. Thus, the brain is able to internalize key information and connect it to pre-existing knowledge.      

2. Provides “just-in-time” support

As you might be aware, time is not always enough to consume every available piece of information, but just the fundamentals. Microlearning is perfectly suited for “just in time” training; after all, it’s bite-sized and easily accessible. Each of microlearning’s modules focuses on a specific tasks, topics, or learning objectives. That said; when creating microlearning modules, ensure they are mobile-friendly. Employees need to access training tutorials, videos, and simulations whenever, wherever.  

3. Improves knowledge retention and recall

This is much related to the first benefit we talked about. Reduction in cognitive overload results in an increase in knowledge retention. Team members are more likely to recall what they have learned since they have a chance to reflect on and review the information. More so, they see how it relates to real-world situations and put it into context. Thus, microlearning goes against the “forgetting curve theory,” particularly when it is employed as a reinforcement tool.

4. Improves employee engagement and motivation

Employees conveniently access the information they need on time. As a result, they are able to broaden their knowledge, overcome obstacles, and troubleshoot problems. This translates into improved employee engagement, as microlearning offers them real-world value. What’s more; it puts short attention spans into account, thus preventing employee boredom.  

5. Saves time and money

It usually takes less time to create and deploy than typical training curriculum. Normally, things keep on changing, thus the ability to promptly update and correct information places this training technique at a great advantage. In other words, organizations can implement micro learning at minimal cost while still having flexibility over its content.

Is microlearning for you?

Times are changing, and so does your training methods. In a world of rapidly shrinking attention spans and new technology, the manner in which employee training is delivered should be engaging and fun. And what a more fun and innovative way to do this, than via micro learning?   


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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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