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10 Best workforce tools to enhance employee management (2023)


October 6, 2023



Best workforce tools to enhance employee management

While making sure everyone’s working at their best may sound like a tough challenge, it can be made possible with the use of innovative workforce tools. With these tools, you can find the right balance and make sure your teams are working effectively and efficiently to achieve their individual and organizational goals.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best workforce tools available on the web today. But before we go over the list, let’s first dive into the upsides of workforce management.

What are the benefits of workforce management?

Workforce management is the practice of efficiently managing your employees to boost productivity and meet the needs of your business. When done right, it can bring plenty of benefits to your organization. Here are some of them:

  • Improved productivity and employee satisfaction: When you have a good handle on scheduling and employees are able to have the time they need for their personal lives, they tend to be happier and more motivated at work. Remember, happy employees are productive employees.
  • Reduced labor costs: By planning schedules carefully and avoiding overstaffing or understaffing, you can save money on labor costs. No more unnecessary overtime expenses or scrambling to find replacements at the last minute.
  • Compliance with labor laws: Workforce management helps you stay on top of labor laws and regulations. You can easily keep track of hours worked, breaks taken, and overtime, which keeps you compliant and avoids any legal troubles.
  • Accurate data for decision-making: With workforce management tools, you’ll have access to real-time data and analytics. This means you can make informed decisions based on accurate information about attendance, performance, and productivity.
  • Streamlined communication: Many workforce management systems come with features that make communication easier. That way, employees and managers can stay connected and informed, which leads to better collaboration and teamwork.
  • Efficient allocation of resources: Having the right number of people with the right skills at the right time makes it easier for your operations to run smoothly.
  • Enhanced customer service: When you have the right people in place and everyone knows what they’re doing, you can give better customer service. Happy customers lead to repeat business and a good reputation.
  • Scalability and adaptability: With good workforce management practices, you can scale your team up or down as needed. You’ll be able to adapt quickly, whether it’s seasonal fluctuations or unexpected changes.

Now, there are plenty of workforce management platforms that can help you achieve all these. Investing in these can pave the way for a happier and more productive team and a work environment where everyone can thrive.

Check out our list of workforce tools and see which one fits your objectives best!

Workforce tool #1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a free  workforce tool for managing employees and keeping them engaged throughout their company experience. It’s an innovative training platform designed to meet the learning and development needs of the modern workplace.

Workforce tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

There are many ways custom elearning helps a distributed workforce. Here’s how you can use SC Training (formerly EdApp) to your advantage.

The platform’s user-friendly creator tool lets you deliver engaging and interactive microlearning courses right to your team’s mobile devices. You’ll even have a bunch of pre-designed templates, a library of editable and ready-made courses, and an AI-powered authoring tool to save you from all the hassle of making one.

Workforce tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Creator Tool

And if you’re wondering how to make workplace training fun, SC Training (formerly EdApp) allows you to incorporate game-based features into your courses. Here, you can set up a points system, create custom leaderboards, and hand out achievement badges and banners to recognize your team’s hard work.

Workforce tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Gamification

SC Training (formerly EdApp) also helps you keep tabs on your team’s progress and see how well they’re doing. You’ll gain insights on who’s completing courses and whether they’re retaining what they’ve learned. Plus, the platform has other cool and essential features like in-built integrations, a quiz maker tool, performance dashboards, discussions, and assignments.

Workforce tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Reporting and Analytics

The great news is that SC Training (formerly EdApp) is compatible with multiple devices, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you and your team have everything you need to manage and access courses at your fingertips.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Mobile-first microlearning
  • Editable course library
  • Smart authoring tool
  • AI-powered creator tool
  • Interactive templates
  • Employee training tracker
  • Performance dashboard
  • Quiz maker
  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Reporting and analytics

Start using the best free workforce tool for employee development today! Sign up with SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free.

Workforce tool #2 - Home Depot Workforce Tools

Home Depot Workforce Tools is a handy mobile app where employees can check their work schedule, keep track of their attendance, and request time off. It can integrate smoothly with various workforce management systems to guarantee a seamless experience for you and your teams.

Workforce tool - Home Depot Workforce Tools

Through the workforce tool, employees can also make changes to their break times, easily access their pay stubs, and receive updates when they forget to clock in or out at work. And to make things more convenient, there’s a feature that lets them use a QR badge to clock in and out, which can be displayed as a phone widget.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Schedule review
  • Time and attendance tracker
  • Pay stub access
  • QR badge

Workforce tool #3 - Workday

Workday’s workforce management solution can help you make the most of your team’s time and skills. It’s a useful tool for managing global teams and automating repetitive tasks, so employees can become more productive when working. 

Workforce tool - Workday

You’ll have access to insights and analytics so you can understand workforce trends, easily adjust to changes, and set up new processes. With these, your team can have personalized experiences and more control over their schedules. Its adaptive planning feature also lets you model, forecast, and budget your workforce all in one place.

Cost: Contact Workday for pricing

Key features:

  • Automation
  • Insights and analytics
  • Personalized experiences
  • Adaptive planning

Workforce tool #4 - Deputy

Another workforce app you can explore is Deputy, which is designed specifically for industries like healthcare, retail, and security. Here, you can simplify your workforce management and reduce administrative tasks, making more room for productivity.

Workforce tool - Deputy

With Deputy’s scheduling tool and time tracker, you can create enhanced schedules that align with demand. Plus, you can capture timesheets accurately and automate complex pay calculations. The platform also has labor compliance tools for managing proper meal breaks and fair workweek regulations, which can help you stay on top of the legal requirements.

Cost: Starts at 3.50 USD/month (per user)

Key features:

  • Scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Labor compliance tools
  • Fair workweek

Workforce tool #5 - Degreed

Degreed puts a strong emphasis on upskilling and reskilling your team members, no matter the size of your organization. As an admin, you can create personalized development plans that align with your employees’ individual skills, roles, and goals.

Workforce tool - Degreed

The workforce tool incorporates skill analytics that can give you valuable insights into designing unique training journeys for your team. It also presents a dynamic opportunity marketplace that connects them with projects, gigs, assignments, and positions according to their profile. It’s a great way to help your team members grow while contributing to the overall success of your organization.

Cost: Contact Degreed for pricing

Key features:

  • Real-time skills analytics
  • Custom content pathway
  • Career mobility
  • Workflow automation

Workforce tool #6 - BambooHR

If you’re looking for complete HR software for your workforce management needs, consider using BambooHR. With this workforce tool, you can easily handle tasks like hiring, onboarding, and payroll.

Workforce tool - BambooHR

In BambooHR, you can let your employees take control of their own HR needs. They’ll be able to update their personal details, request time off, and track their goals in one place. It also includes fun features like birthday and anniversary boards, as well as activity feeds to welcome new hires.

Cost: Contact BambooHR for pricing

Key features:

  • Employee database
  • Payroll management
  • Leave management

Workforce tool #7 - Mirro

With Mirro, you can create a positive work culture that improves your employees’ well-being and retains top performers at work. You’ll have tools to recognize high-performing employees, set and track goals using OKRs, and conduct performance reviews effortlessly.

Workforce tool - Mirro

Whether you have local or global teams, Mirro has multiple language options that let your employees access the platform in the language they prefer. Plus, the workforce tool offers a people analytics platform that generates advanced data visualization and reporting, which makes organizing employee data and role assignments much easier.

Cost: Starts at 6.5 USD/month (per user)

Key features:

  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Performance review
  • Recognition and rewards
  • OKR frameworks

Workforce tool #8 - Harri

Designed for the hospitality industry, Harri is a specialized workforce tool that focuses on improving the employee experience to deliver better guest experiences. With Harri, you get an all-in-one platform that helps with talent management, onboarding, and compliance.

Workforce tool - Harri

The app’s key features include a shift management system, biometric time clocks, and a timesheet compliance tool. It also has custom message groups and a news feed called TeamHub, so you can promote communication and collaboration among your teams.

Cost: Contact Harri for pricing

Key features:

  • Scheduling management
  • Time and attendance management
  • Team communication

Workforce tool #9 - When I Work

Like most workforce management apps, When I Work is a user-friendly workforce tool that simplifies scheduling and improves team collaboration in the workplace. With this software, you can track employee time and attendance and facilitate seamless communication across shifts and departments.

Workforce tool - When I Work

When I Work has a couple of useful features, including shift confirmation, mobile clock-in, task management, and chat. These will allow your team to manage availability, request time off, and collaborate on shift trades.

Cost: Starts at 2.50 USD/month (per user)

Key features:

  • Employee scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Team messaging

Workforce tool #10 - Zoho People

Completing our list of work force tools is Zoho People. Here, you can make your HR operations easier and more efficient with features like insightful analytics and an employee database.

Workforce tool - Zoho People

The software includes a time and attendance system that accurately tracks employee hours and days off. You can effortlessly manage attendance, schedule shifts, and generate error-free timesheets, allowing you to focus on boosting employee productivity.

It also offers performance management tools like flexible goal setting and continuous reviews that can help you improve individual and team performance as well as enhance organizational success.

Cost: Starts at 1.50 USD/month (per user)

Key features:

  • Employee database
  • Time and attendance system
  • Performance management
  • Goal setting and KRA mapping


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