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A Consumer Goods Case Study

Discover how The Wonderful Company switched from in-person sessions to mobile training in less than a month with a 96 percent completion rate.


Consumer Goods

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Los Angeles, USA


The Wonderful Company: How an empowered team will always keep you one step ahead

At SafetyCulture’s 2021 Made Extraordinary Summit, leading snack brand The Wonderful Company shares how SC Training (formerly EdApp) enables their sales team to bring their products to life for consumers across North America.

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The Wonderful Company

One of our salespeople was driving from store to store down a freeway and saw a vehicle driving the wrong way, coming straight at her. Thanks to her training, Laura was able to see that person coming, and safely and calmly get out of the way avoiding a fatal accident. It's these kinds of results that mean absolutely everything to us.

Angela Shanahan, Sales Training Manager at The Wonderful Company

1. Bite-sized training that field teams can complete on-the-go

The Wonderful Company uses SC Training (formerly EdApp) to reach and train its dispersed sales team with highly-targeted microlessons that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. As a mobile-first platform, The Wonderful Company can remotely deliver bite-sized courses to their team’s smartphones – or any device – so they can complete vital training when it’s convenient for them.

2. React to change in real-time with our easy-to-use course creation tool

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s agile yet powerful course creation tool meant that The Wonderful Company could easily transform its fly-in, in-person training program to a fully mobile learning experience in less than two weeks at the onset of the pandemic. As training is delivered directly to their teams’ smartphones, The Wonderful Company can easily deliver new and updated courses based on team feedback, and performance and engagement reports.

3. Reinforce newly learned information with an in-built quiz maker

Although their sales team is dispersed across North America, The Wonderful Company can easily check their team’s understanding of newly learned information with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s in-built quiz maker, Rapid Refresh. Learners regularly receive a quiz about a course they’ve recently completed so it’s easy to identify any knowledge gaps early and reinforce key concepts 

The Wonderful Company

I've had people come to me and say that they don't feel like training is a burden anymore. It feels like a break, a break in their day.

Angela Shanahan, Sales Training Manager at The Wonderful Company
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