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Free HIPAA compliance training

Want to make sure that your team are HIPAA compliant? Use our free training platform to deploy a ready-made HIPAA compliance course straight to your team.

Free HIPAA Compliance Training - Microlearning

What's involved in becoming HIPAA compliant?

Becoming HIPAA compliant is a complex process, and training is at the heart of it. You must complete steps such as having a privacy and security officer, creating policies, implementing security safeguards and conducting regular audits. Each of your team members who handle sensitive data needs to be comprehensively trained to maintain compliance.

HIPAA Compliance - SC Training (formerly EdApp) course
HIPAA Compliance with mobile learning course SC Training (formerly EdApp)

HIPAA Compliance delivered to every learner

Looking for HIPAA compliance training that can be taken by every member of your team? Our HIPAA compliance training courses can be taken on any device at any time of day. Easier training will lead to a more compliant workforce that's always up to date with the latest training.

Track HIPAA compliance training with ease

Using SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s admin experience you can monitor, track and store HIPAA compliance training information from your entire team. Track information from an organization level right down to tracking individual learner activities.

Compliance happens automatically as your team completes their course so you'll never need to use another spreadsheet again to keep track of your teams' training progress. Information can be easily downloaded and shared with third parties to verify completed training.

Tracking JIPAA Compliance with reporting and analytics

Deploy HIPAA compliance training to your team today

All the HIPAA compliance features you need at your fingertips

  • Due dates: Set due dates for course completions so that you can ensure your teams have completed their training on time.
  • Minimum scores: Set your own scoring system so you can tell how well your HIPAA compliance knowledge
  • Custom certificates: Certify your learners in style and give them custom certificates recognizing their work.
HIPAA Compliance training - gamification elements
HIPAA Compliance certification

HIPAA certification for individuals in your team

Automatically generate a custom HIPAA certificate for anyone in your team who completes a course. Certificates can be branded to match the brand of your organization and you can set certification to expire so your team can re-take the course when they need to.

Deploy HIPAA compliance training to your team today

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